BlackBrush O&G LP applies to form a 1440 acre Austin Chalk drilling unit in 1N - 2E.

Cut-and-paste the following URL into your search box to view the application including play.

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Jay, I found the Giant logs. Thanks for the offer to get them to me

Looks like it is a while until they get started.

Doug, you mentioned 16 truck loads of frac sand the other day. Where is that being stored??? Or is the one new storage tank plus "stack" (Christmas tree or frac stack?) new "in addition to" what is already there?

Can you take photos and post? 

I heard they finished fracking and they are working on drilling plugs out.

Here is  a nice article about BlackBush.

It looks to me like they are doing a"slick water" sand/gravel pack. If what they are saying is correct then the well should come in at 2,000 to 5,000 bbls/day.

Thanks for posting article - good timing.

Stimulation is not a gravel pack but is a fracture stimulation - a lot of differences between the approaches.

The rates being quoted are based on Karnes Co results - hopefully La wells will have similar reservoir and subsurface characteristics and can achieve the same.

The smaller casing that they have in this well (4.5" I believe) will limit the size of the frac stimulation significantly., 

Let's see what happens 

Doug, anything happening on site?

See if I can find out something today.

SKIP, please me your EMAIL ADDRESS - I will send you pic of BLACKBRUSH ACTIVITY THIS AM 4/26/18, maybe you can tell us what you see. Thanks.

Just post the photo please 

RockMan. also, haul in large blue container this morning..

Glad you figured out how to post the image, Doug.  Thanks.  If the well has been fracked, it was accomplished rather quickly.  RM, you think that what Doug is seeing is actually preparation for the frack job?


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