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EOG Submits Applications for New AC Units in East Feliciana

From Kirk Barrell via his Tuscaloosa Trend Blog (5/14) EOG Files 19 AC Units It appears that East Feliciana will begin to heat up a bit.

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Covey Park miscalculated our interest. Now we owe them

We have been receiving money on 4 new wells for 6 months. These well are in Desoto Parish sections 20 and 28 14 n 15 w.   They sent new div…

Started by JACKIE in Shale Related TopicsLatest Reply

Texas Supreme Court Rules on Post_Production Costs

Interesting to Texas Royalty owners and Oil/Gas Producers. I might need some of your knowledge on what this means. To the relief of oil and…

Started by JHH in Shale Related TopicsLatest Reply

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