NFR or Neighbors is drilling a well in northwest shelby county. They only permitted it to 13000. ft. It puzzles me why they only permitted to 13000 ft. when both the chesapeake well west of it and the big well northeast of it which is just south of murvall were 14000 ft. Both big producers. Why stop 1000 ft short. And I know for a fact that Phillips petroleum drilled right next to our property (about 2mi. from the nfr well) back in 1980 and hit really high pressure at 13300 because we were there. and that well was on higher elevation than the well that nfr drilled. The other odd thing is the info that the texas railroad commission has online about the phillips well is totally incorrect. And there was another phillips well that I cant find on the trc site at all.
What Am I missing here???

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If I remember my geology correctly the formations rise 100' per mile NE to SW. If you look at a map of most oilfields, you will notice that all fields lay in a NE to SW pattern. The well could also be permitted as a horizontal. Lots of times you will permit the vertical depth or TVD.
so does the shale get shallower or deeper the further southwest you go? and why would you go shallower than the proven wells closest to you. or are you saying they would amend to go deeper horizontal in the same hole.
I think it gets deeper the further South you go, but, by no means am I sure of this from a Geological standpoint. Based upon some of the many comments over the last six months, I put forth this opinion. Deeper may be better, if shale is thicker. Maybe ShaleGeo/Jay can clarify if he surfs through here.
all formations around here get deeper the further south they go
just because a well is permited to a certain depth doesnt mean they always go to that depth



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