The dreadlock

An Indian monk was slowly moving through the roads and people were looking at him with surprised interest. The dress, the attire, the posture were all alien to people of the western world but what attracted their attention most was the matted ropes of hair on the head of the monk. That is exactly what we call the dreadlock, hair on the head allowed to grow without cutting, combing or brushing to take the shape of matted ropes.


One of the universal phenomenons that have survived the onslaught of time, dreadlock has its origin rooted in the ancient Vedic Hindu culture. In the Hindu mythologies it is described that Lord Shiva took the force off the holy river Ganges coming to the earth on his dreadlock and thus saved the earth from destruction. Historically too the earliest evidence of dreadlock is found around 2500 years BC and have been mostly the favorite hair style of sages and monks.

The immediate impact

Hinduism had its influence on Buddhism, Jainism and even the Greek and Roman cultures of the past. In the Roman Celtic culture dreadlock was referred to as hair knotted like snakes. MADUSA? The royal families in ancient Egypt not only adopted the dreadlock but also used dreadlocked wigs as archeological discoveries have revealed.

Other cultures

Dreadlock was used not only in Egypt, Rome, and Greece but Germany, Mexico, Far East, Africa and several other countries. In Germany the Vikings, in Far East the Naga tribe, the Bishops of Jerusalem, Aztecs of Mexico were all well attached with Dreadlocks. Dreadlock was one of the most popular hair styles in these countries during the 14-16th century AD and they were also found with the Sufi Order in Senegal.

The modern era

During 1950s in Jamaica the people followers of “Young Black Faith” took heavily the style of dreadlocks following the cue of poor people there who had been using dreadlocks since the 1930s. It is also said that when Hindu and Naga saints started visiting Jamaica in pursuit of jobs in the 19th century, the dreadlock culture came up with them to Jamaica. A few others trace the origin to the Mau Mau rebels who were fighting against the British colonialism of the time.

Why dreadlocks?

Dreadlocks have been used by people coming from different cultural backgrounds with different reasons. Sometimes it is due to their religious and spiritual convictions like it is sacred among Hindu saints and monks and at other time social and political environments like used by the Mau Mau rebels. To avert the derogatory use of the term a new term has come up to replace the term “dreadlock” and it is often referred to as “African Locks”, the aim being to remove the feature of dreading from the terminology.

The importance of dreadlocks in Eastern countries

Dreadlocks are considered sacred by the Indian religious preachers since it has its origin with the holy Lord Shiva. In China too noblemen and ascetics used dreadlocks combined with long fingernails denouncing all earthly attachments. In some other Asian and African countries the dreadlock refers to the fear of the almighty.

Dreadlocks and the western world today

When the reggae music made a big stride during the 1980s, the dreadlocks used by the world famous singer and lyrist Bob Marley caught the imagination of the audience world over and there was a rush to wear dreadlocks. This became most popular among the African-Americanized people but white people did not remain far behind. Especially the people who raise their voice for anti-globalization, and the activists who support the cause of environment-protection find dreadlocks to their choice, a symbol of registering their protest against the possible evils of globalization and environmental pollution.

It is fear of the employee policy, that have caused many to shorn their "fear of God" hairstyle.... what is your take?

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Here is the citation for the article:
Dreadlocks and Their Application in Society Today
By Arjun Mukherjee

I interject here and there....but Arjun needs to get his credit for succinctly putting the facts together and representing dredlocks!

My bad!
Can't say I always agree with you, but you bring some very interesting things to the table. Thanks for all!
I was really hoping to get a picture of one of the Catholic Saints with dredlocks, there was a nun I once knew who sported the look.

Almost added a part about 'Granolas' they are sorta like the homeless people who used to follow Phish and the Grateful Dead. Living off the land (and eating whatever is available) they come in degrees of "crunchiness" however far removed they are from hygeine
The dredlocks are worn by people of the Restafarian religion. I am not offended by their choice of hairstyle nor their religion. We are free to be what we wish to be. I'm a poet and don't know it but my feet show it. They're Longfellows!!!!
What the hell does this have to do with the Haynesville Shale? If you want to inject things like this ...go somewhere else! Maybe some wacko Obama website. Im sure it will fit right in...
Reply by Kilo Charlie..Bn2..Bos2
If you want to inject things like this ...go somewhere else!
Maybe some wacko Obama website. Im sure it will fit right in...

Kilo Charlie..Bn2..Bos2
As far as I can tell you do not run or moderate this forum.
So unless Haynesville objects, I feel mooncookie has every right to express whatever topic she wishes to.
Just like you along with everyone else has every right not to read it or if after reading it state some reasonable opinion on the topic (Interesting facts about dredlocks and religion)

Read the Topic name if it is of no interest to you go to the next topic
Instead of trying to suppress someones 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech

As far as Dreadlocks/Religion = some wacko Obama website
Sorry but I do not see the connection

What if the discussion would have been Long Hair/Religion
Would you still state that it belongs on some wacko Obama website?
I am just curious since every rendition I have ever seen of Jesus shows him with long hair

As far as the topic (Interesting facts about dredlocks and religion) I found it enlightening. Then again I am the type person that likes to try to learn and understand why others do what they do.
If I know the reasons why I can better understand.
Instead of just generalizing them and saying they are different therefore they are wrong/bad
Well, considering people seem to be ragging the dem candidate for a couple of his fashion choices while in Africa, I thought I would enlighten (Muslim?) and show that many religions have endorsed the look and the etomology of dredlock is actually FEAR OF GOD as a hairstyle..... this was something I did not previously know.... but I was aware that early Catholic Saints donned the look and you're comment clearly shows the very reason I posted this.

If you will notice that the category is NON-SHALE RELATED......FYI
KC, if you want to read things that are strictly about the HS, then stick to forums about the HS! Forums like this are meant to be fun, interesting, a break from HS 24/7, a good debate. You didn't have to read it.
and those gladiator sandals, also a throw-back to the early years of Jesus

one year such sandals were referred to as "Jesus shoes"
maybe another forum would suit you better cookie, no I dont think letting your hair grow and not washing or combing it until it turns into a rats nest should be covered under religious freedom.
Thanks for the tip, Checkmateking. This can be said of anyone sporting ANY hairstyle...especially noted since I saw a little 'ole blond-haired, blue-eyed lady with that same problem my last visit to the States.
I'm not the one who should be talking about looks. But let me give you an example of one who doesn't. Axle Rose.



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