For everyone that is asking what is a good lease offer please look at the following web link. Please pay attention to Caddo, Red River and Bienville Parish. They update this information monthly, the last posting date was 6-11-2008.

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Link not working :(
Go to, click on sonris lite, click on lease sale and tract history, choose date and submit query. Very good information, I wish I had seen this before Tuesday night when we signed with Chesapeake.
Maybe so but I do know people in Desoto and Caddo with small acerage who signed for $7,500.00, $10,500.00 and most recently $12,000.00 per acre and 25% royalty
What are you calling small acreage? My neighbors who have more than I do have signed but I still have not been contacted. We were told they were starting w/larger tracts first but not sure...We are in Red River Parish though.
Kind of curious about Manna Acquisitions out of Monroe. Are they acquiring for Chesapeake?
Most of the time on the initial action on an area,you wouldn't even be considered, below 50 acres.According to a friend that is working for leasing group.If a company can't aquire 50% ,the other acreage is almost worthless, per say.They need 50% of section(320 + acres)to drill.If a large landowner,lets say that ownes 350 acres in a section, can't be leased,that basically kills that section.Not to mention that early leases for next to nothing of said larger landowners, afford what is left (unsigned smaller tract mineral owners) the oportunity to make more money upfront per acre due to the cat being out of the bag.It is much harder to sneak up on somebody, when this is all over the internet!These guys made enough money off of the first 20 leases to pay for the whole rest of south webster parish.They have to hit big landowners first to make it workable.
Two years ago that was a very common lease amount.Heck ,3 months ago they could have had mine for that!With a 25% royalty you stand to make around $100,000,000 over the life of the play.And those figures are on the conservative side.$250,000 per acre profit multiplied by 400 acres.I hope you will be able to make ends meet!Another thing that I dont think that people understand is the unnerving of not knowing.I understand how it would feel to miss out on these crazy bonuses for a 400 acre tract(that truely sounded like a bunch of bull didn't it)Well so I don't know for sure how I would feel but at least it is over.Unleased landowners that are still waiting dont have the oportunity to sit back and enjoy what life has in store for them via the HShale.Constantly reading reports that we don't even understand,blogging all hours of the night.It is taking a toll on me mentally and physically.Please don't be too hard on yourself.People are dropping like fly's around here even with the current intel that we have.Certainly intel that was not available to you at that time you leased.If you ever feel the need to adopt a child......Shame on me!!! I wouldn't trade my Dad for the world! Happy Fathers Day to all you guys.
Co-workers mom in Shreveport just signed for $10,200 for .6 acre
If you don't mind saying but what neighborhood in Shreveport did you co-worker's mom live in? I am in Southern Hills and would love to get that amount for my 1/2 acre.
My friend and co-shale blogger, snakestewart...

1/2 and acre for $10,200? No way. (And as my granddaughter replies, "Yes way!" ) The O&G pundits over at the Shreveport Times blogs and "" and others who just weeks ago told "us" not to hold our breaths...must be hitting their heads against the wall.

I still agree with you...These leases are going for pennies on the dollar...and the O&Gs have already run their computer models and forecasts, and "IF" crude and nat. gas continue on their ascent into the money sky...we have been selling the farm for absolutely one, barely see-able drop in this shale's bucket!

I am waiting with much anticipation for Summer 2009. I predict the lease prices, if there is a spec of dirt left to lease, won't be recognizable by way of today's prices.

DrWAVeSport 6/13/08
You can't go to this link. The link is not up
Go to, go to sonris lite, go to lease sale and tract history, choose the most current date 6-11-2008. Hope this helps.


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