Does anyone have a list of the local phone numbers and contacts for oil and gas companies working the HS?

I am trying to find the local number for Petrohawk. I want to see if they will beat the offer from Chesapeake. If so, I will post to let everyone know.


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That is a good idea i would LOVE to get my hands on some numbers to local contacts. So if anyone has any please post them.
Seems like I saw some full page ads in the newspaper from Chesapeake and Petrohawk with numbers...maybe in the Sunday Times.
Thanks i will have to look into that..
One number that was either in the paper or somewhere on this site was 318-415-0330, don't know if that is the company or a landman representing them but have heard from several different landowners that Petrohawk is very good to deal with and is trying to be competitive with Chesapeake in most all areas. Also you might try contacting the companies at their web addresses--Chesapeake is, Petrohawk is and XTO is Some folks are saying that it is better to deal with the companies themselves than with the brokers and middlemen that have come into the area representing the companies.
I contacted the 318-415-0330 number and they gave me the number to Petrohawk it is 318-987-7560 i just got off the phone with them and i am in Section 30 and she told me that they are leasing in my area and took my information and will be getting back with me.
I also got a number to the louisiana leasing for Chesapeake it is 1-877-245-4171 i tried calling it but the mailbox is full at the moment so i guess i will try again later.. :o)
A lady called and got all my info and said she would be getting back with ME. THAT WAS TH E LAST SUNDAY IN JUNE She also was with Petrahawk whom I had contacted by email
I've heard they have been taking several several weeks to get back with people.
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Apache Corporation
(Click on About Us at the top of their Home Page in the middle, then scroll down on the left to Owner Relations.)

BP America Production Company

Burlington Resources Oil & Gas Company, LP
(See ConocoPhillips)

Chesapeake Energy Corporation
(Click on the Owner Relations button.)

Chevron Corporation

CIMA Energy, Ltd.
(Click on Services at the top of their Home Page, then click on Division Order Services)

ConocoPhillips Corporation
(Click on Products & Services, scroll down to Interest Owners ConocoPhillips or Interest Owners Burlington Resources)

Continental Resources, Inc.

Crawley Petroleum Corporation

Devon Energy Corporation
(Click on Contacts at the top of their Home Page, scroll down to Royalty Owner Inquires-US. You will be able to access your account from there.)

Dominion Exploration & Production, Inc.
(In the Search space, type in Interest Owner Information, then click on that name again when the next page comes up. From there, you can access various pages, including the Owner Relations Connect site where you will be able to access your account.)

ExxonMobil Corporation

Kerr-McGee Corporation
(See Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)

ExxonMobil Corporation

Kerr-McGee Corporation
(See Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)

Marathon Oil Company

XTO Energy, Inc.
Email works best
Tday is the 26th. I aGAIN EMAILED ,petrahawk,chesapeake,encanna, and xto onthe 19th. No response from any of them so far...17n15w03
Is anyone working with CK directlyon leasing nego? and have a # (not a Leasing company)


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