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$$$$$ Your Area & Your Lease offers As of July 14th $$$$$$ moving froward

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I know someone who lives in the Broad Acres area of Shreveport. She recently signed a lease for $10,500.00 per acre with 25% royalty and a no drill clause with Chesapeake.
In Stonewall one neighborhood recently signed for $7,500.00 per acre with 25% royalty with Chesapeake.
Chesapeake has met their initial goal of 500,000 acres in mineral leases but I understand they now plan to expand that goal given the success of their drilling efforts so far in the Haynesville Shale
I do not know anyone personally who has leased with Petrohawk or XTO but I know they are both looking to increase their stake in the play as is Cubic energy.
I started the South Webster Association of Mineral owners about a month ago but have not had much success.I truely don't understand peoples inability to understand that groups ,on average, in the Barnett Shale signed for about $8,000 to $10,000 more per acre then individual people did!If you would like to be a part please e-mail me at for info.
There is action all around this area,so dont fall for the mumbojumbo! PetroHawk map shows proposed drill site 1 section south and 1 section west of my section.Close to where the newest pipeline is that was built last year I believe.I live on Pilgrim Rest.I have a friend doing side work on rigs in this area.Nothing but good news sofar,but it is early.Thats why numbers aren't there yet,but they will be.Only reason we are on the fringes now is because they appear to have shrunk area maps to slow down escalating lease prices.Just a hunch but once you get the idea of how this game is played its not as hard to understand what is happening.
If we dont all join together I think we will not fully realise the potential of what we are sitting on top of.It is quite obvious by the discussion boards that it is up to us to keep from getting mowed down!

My "shale" friend. Remember: the "messenger" always has the roughest road to plow!

Your messages have helped so many....Keep up the good fight! Your friends, neighbors, and fam are proud!

DrWAVeSport 6/13/2008
i live in mooringsport and i was told by Cheaspeake that they were not interseted in this area. i live in section 28 t 20 n r 16 west, there are 8 oil wells that i know of in this area and i dont get any royalties from them i do own my mineral rights. i also talked to and this is the reply they gave me: I am not aware of any Haynesville shale drilling there. It is too far north, considered unproductive there at this time.

There are no wells of any depth permitted in your section.

Good luck, though!
Be very careful with the my oil pro guy. I hear he wants a percentage of your ROYALTY not the signing bonus to represent you. That means he gets to get paid off of your royalty for as long as you do.
I have heard the same thing about him. I guess you cant blame him for trying. I have also heard of attorneys in town wanting a percentage as well.
That is true. He is asking for 8% of royalties!
I think you got some bad information, he's not charging nearly that much. Maybe he quoted you that price because he's so busy and you might have a really small tract or not in the good acreage of the shale.
I am in West Shreveport and have been offered (final) $10'500.00 depending on 90% of the residents signed with 25% royalty, 3yr primary lease term with a 2 yr option from Twin Cities. The $ amount drops if the % of residents go down ( if they get 80% signed - $9000.00 or 75% - $8000.00).
yeah I would like to know your landman's name also I am in south of town...thanks Patti
I'm in the early stages and have only been contacted by JPD Energy via letter. There is a meeting that I plan to attend tomorrow night at the Community Church at the corner of Buncombe and W. 70th. I live in Steeple Chase off W. 70th and Pines. Are you anywhere near our neighborhood?


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