Terms Every Hillbilly Needs to Know

Bonus - When we git together with Bo to do something…as in "Bonus are fixin' to go dancin' at the Horseshoe in a little while! Wanna go?"

Pooling - Something we git together and do in are millionaire friends' backyards--the ones that put in a pool with all that new money instead of buying a new boat…as in "Hey! Bonus are fixin' to go pooling over at Kassi's house in a little while! Wanna go?"

Pugh Clause - Something Bonus wrote into are leases that says that the drilling in are backyards is not allowed to out-stink the smell of Boudreaux's dog pen.

Workover - What Bonus do to them landmen and flippers that come around here with ridiculous stories about how are shale here ain't as thick as there shale thar so that that is why are upfront money here was less than there's over thar. As in, "Hey! Bonus are fixin' to workover that landman over thar, but we gotta hurry cause we're fixin' to pooling in little while!" Course now, when we git through with the workover, them boys' underware have done violated the Pugh Clause and we git 'em throwed off our land!

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LOL. I could come with a few myself!
Haynesville Shale--is that purty lil shell I found when I wuz at the beach in Haynesville. I think I will git a piece of strang and tie it around that shell and make Granny a necklace!
Okay. Here's another need to know term.

Horizontal Drillin' - Well, shucks! It warn't be right to talk out loud about what that is. Bonus told them girls not to tell folks that we drove 'em out to Elm Grove after the dance th'other nite so's that we could witness us a little horizontal drillin'.
After all the serious stuff on this site, you all have this Illinois "flatlander" LOL!!! As I'm watching the play from afar, I just have to believe some of the landmen and O&G people probably look at you all that way. They have no idea what they're in for!! Keep makin' me laugh. Thanks, Cannie
You guessed it right! There was such an article in a British newspaper. The headline was "Hillbillies Making Millions Out of American Gas Rush."

There is a separate thread by that name about the article in the category Latest Shale News.

We just got sorta "inspired" to live up to the legend.
redefine - Them opyrators wanted to redefine, and we tole 'em go right ahead cuz we can read de fine print too, LCV don't go that deep.

royalty - Them Brit's writin' about us bein' hillbillies are enveeus cuz we migh just have more royalty then them now.

frac pond - the kinda pond Jethro don't want in his backyard, he wants the ceement kind
Does ROFL mean row Florida? Goofy u stole my nickname....
Lease - All'em landmen and flippers need da know dis one. When askd whut we'll take fer our land, tell'em I at lease want what dem city folks got up yonder in Elm Grove!
percent - like new truck scent, the scent of a new leather purse as in "My Ma likes her new pursent and my Pa likes his new trucksent, and that there Phew clause they got will help keep it thata way for awhile, I figger."
I couldn't help it....
Rig- Bonus gits our big cheks we gonna git us one'o them rigs whats got 2 live wells in it. We got 1 alredy and we aint greedy its jus thet ducktape'll only hold so long.

Well Bore- Bonus been feedin this bigun back'ere hind the house. We gonna shoot'im and cook'im up when Ma says hes over that mange. Might even take'im to one of them pooling's
Forced pooling--Bonus got his shotgun and made all dem lanmen get in the crick cuz it was Satidy nite and he had to inforce the Pugh clause.


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