A happy day for America A sad Day for Democracy and Capitalism

I know this will probably get deleted and My Profile may also but here you go. Today was a triumph for some and a slap in the face for others. I am so sad that america has chosen this path that are for fathers faught so hard to protect. We have been lied to as american people. Democracy and capitalsim must come to an end. This may not be the end but a chapter in the book of History of this great nation. My Faith is in god, that he will not unleash anything we cant handle. This is the tourning point of what many of us know as normal. America is about to experience change, change that many of us want and many us dont. I dont understand the change, and I think none of us do. There is an empty spot inside of me with today with questions spinning around it. I just dont understand america, I just dont understand. He told you it was about to change, every time you read his name it was "CHANGE". I can promise you one thing, you may not like the change but he was honest, it will change! Yesterday is history as tomorrow is our future and our future will Change. God bless this great country, God Bless Democracy, God Bless Capitalism, God Bless Americam, God bless Barack Hussein Obama, God bless us all.

Bill G

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In his acceptance speech he spoke of "remaking" America...I think if he tries to do this, he could get a rude awakening. I remember in 92 rumors were swirling around about Bill Clinton's personal & abusive behavior, but nobody cared about that..it was the economy stupid...8 years of him and the office became a punch line to a joke...here we are again, lousy economy (though i really question how bad) and people voted with this in mind...timing had a lot to do with it. If Obama believes this is a call for fundamental change and tries to implement his radical proposals (the ones he pushed in the primary), he will be rudely awaken in 4 years. He ran to the middle in the last days and he had better stay there.
Under Bill Clinton the economy flourished, and for the first time since Reagan began growing the national debt, we began to pay it down. Real incomes, adjusted for inflation, went up. And not just for the middle class, but for people at both ends of the income spectrum.

You are doing what all Bush supporters do. First you deny the severity of the failures of this administration. If you don't think the economy is that bad, then you are amongst a sheltered and lucky few. Second, you completely ignore the fact that you (the Republicans) have had total control of the Federal government for 6 1/2 years, and the Presidency for the next 1 1/2, and yet refuse to take one iota of responsibility for anything that is happening. Not one. Instead you attempt every way imaginable to shift responsibility to everyone else. I've heard every excuse for the state of the economy from 'it is Carter's fault', to ACORN, to Bill Clinton, to FDR. Republicans sound like school kids caught doing something wrong, trying to point fingers in every direction except themselves. This is going to change.

Am I saying that everything wrong with the economy is the Bush administration's and the Republican Congress's fault? No, of course not. But a lot of it is. Particularly concerning the ways that this administration has turned its back on regulating the banking and investment industries. It would give the Republicans a lot more credibility if just one of them would have the balls to take some responsibility for what they've done and haven't done in the last 8 years. Of course this will never happen. Republicans and responsibility are like oil and water.
The success you had during the Clinton years was the results of what the two previous administrations did. No administration can implement anything that will take effect immediately...it takes years.
Here we go again. If I agree that not every success under the Clinton administration was solely attributable to his administration, just as not every failure under Bush can be attributed to his administration, will you agree to the converse? That not every bad thing that will be happening in the future Obama term will be his fault alone? Somehow I doubt it.

My point above is that Republicans absolutely refuse to take any responsibility whatsoever. All the bad during Bush's terms is due to Clinton, Carter, etc, and all the good under Clinton was due to Bush Sr. and St. Ronald Reagan. This is the surest sign that they are reckless, irresponsible and lack the maturity to lead. They are simply a bunch of greedy, short-sighted a-holes (picture Rush Limbo here), who can't own up to anything, even when it is clear as glass that they screwed up.
I am working class poor man 40,000 a year.And I know that I did not take any of the loan money that clinton eased the lending rules on. Bushes big mistake was to not tighten the reigns on that money and let the winers go ahead and wine then, instead of being blamed for clintons mess now. O by the way I voted for clinton ( we all make mistakes ). Allso being an ex military man I will fight any man for my now president even tho I did not vote for him or socialism !!!!! Democrats and Republicans alike took advantage of you and me and that is why OUR economy is in the shape it is in, Not BUSH.
funny that you think Obama will bring in socialism, when the Bush Administration's Treasury department just shoved the most socialist bailout package in US history down the Congress' throat.
I think Congress Developed the plan with the help of palson which then it was presented to Bush. And I do not aggree with the Bogus Bail out. So yes ron I am aggreeing with you in a since!
Treasury developed the plan, the Admin presented to Congress, they regected it as presented then began altering it as written, then still regected it.

Then after a week or two of the Admin and there proxies "or else" speeches
(i.e. doing something is better than nothing at all) the Senete caved in first and then the house caved and passed a slightly altered and pork filled "economic rescue pachage/ bailout"

Absolutely no guts; it is a disgrace!
I think we all aggree that we have had a lack of leadership in this nation for the last few presidencies. What we needed was true fiscal conservatism not just a rep or a dem. Someone that stands behind their words and their ideas. Obama with his left thinking and his ratical friends are not the answer in times like this!
No. The lack of leadership was for the last 2 terms. Clinton showed extremely competent leadership.
well, I went to the gun show and got my stuff this past weekend. Now Im just waiting for the rest of you to make your move. You all know, this is going to happen sooner or later. I say lets get it over with now.

You must completely understand what your up against. This administration is not going to just come get your guns in the next couple of months. Their going to chip at it piece by piece just like they took the presidency, one bite at a time, before you know it your eating out of their hand. Why would they attack the giant (Democracy and Freedom) head on? First they are going to start with our toe nails and work their way up, time they get done you will be begging them to take your freedom away! They will do this in the steps that i mentioned in the back of this thread. 1) unionization 2)Socialism 3)Democracy,Indipendence, Last but not least Freedom.
They must get us segragated and weeken us with Class warfare before they Go straight to step 5. You dont read a book from the last chapter in do you? You dont race a race and start with the last lap do you? You dont eat a corndog from the wood end do you? They will stay with their Plan for Change and work strategically in the left direction!


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