Its finally here. Chesapeake charged me to take my gas.  The price they paid me on some wells, mainly in the Barnett shale was a negative $0.20 to negative $0.32.  Wow what crooks.

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You should take a picture and post it in this thread...

Here is one page.  Look at first 2 wells  February production.

Well, at least you got to pay negative taxes. That's everybody's dream, isn't it?
This is working Interest? Couldn't make out the interest type on Stubbs...

No it is royalty interest. 

Sue them to break the lease. If not economic to operate the well needs plugged and abandoned.

Looks like some funky revenue accounting.They realized it too. Notice how on the next 2 lines they manually zero out the negative balances? But that still left you with no revenue for Feb 16. See if they go back and correct it on the next check. On the bright side, you made 3 cents on the PPA's. j/k.

This month they are charging me up to 75 cents to sell my gas.


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