(County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Survey; Type; Depth; Location)


Harrison; Comstock Oil & Gas LP; Furrh H 3H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Mitchell, R/485; Gas; 13,000; 6.8 Miles SW Waskom

Harrison; Sabine Oil & Gas Corp.; Rhoades-Rosborough (AW) 1H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Harper, H/11; Gas; 11,075; 14 Miles SE Marshall

Nacogdoches; Aethon Energy Operating LLC; Sgt. Pepper GU 2H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Chirino, JA/17; Gas; 14,600; 17.5 Miles E Nacogdoches

Panola; Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC; Roberts HV Unit 1H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Potts, A/541; Gas; 9,000; 5.6 Miles SE Beckville

Panola; Rockcliff Energy Operating LLC; Herndon HV Unit 2H; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Johnson, A/360; Gas; 9,000; 13 Miles SE DeBerry

Panola; KJ Energy LLC; West Phillips-Allison Cassity 1H; Brachfield, S.E. (Cotton Valley); McAdams, J/422; Gas; 10,234; 1.4 Miles SW Long Branch

Panola; Brammer Engineering Inc.; Deadwood-Barnett 5H; Carthage (Cotton Valley); Lagrone, A/392; Oil/Gas; 9,700; 11.6 Miles E Carthage

Panola; Pedernales Petroleum Op LLC; Furrh, B.J. 2; Bethany, NE. (Lime 3850); Alstone, TM/11; Oil; 3,850; 2 Miles W Panola

San Augustine; XTO Energy Inc.; BSI/USFS Unit F11 H4; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); SP RR CO/Carroll, J A/628; Gas; 15,500; 11.1 Miles SW San Augustine 

San Augustine; BP America Production Co.; Koala Gas Unit 2HB; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); HT&B RR Co/157; Gas; 19,500; 9.8 Miles SW San Augustine

San Augustine; XTO Energy Inc.; Wildcats SWD 1R; Huxley (6100); Quirk, E/35; Injection; 5,000; 5.9 Miles NE San Augustine

Shelby; XTO Energy Inc.; Risinger P-Crest D Alloc B1; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Rowe, J/585; Gas; 10,250; 12.5 Miles SE Shelbyville

Shelby; XTO Energy Inc.; Fightin' Illini DU B1; Carthage (Haynesville Shale); Rusk CSL/591; Gas; 10,720; 9.8 Miles S Center

Wood; WTXR Operating (Texas) Inc.; Gilbreath 46; Forest Hill; Stark, J/537; Oil; 4,500; 5.5 Miles NE Quitman



(County; Operator; Lease/Well; Field; Depth; Choke Size; Flow Rate (24 Hrs.); Location)

Angelina; Weatherly Oil & Gas LLC; Preston Heirs Unit 2; Rocky Springs (U.G.R.); 13,300; 18/48; 5 Mcf; 3.34 Miles NE Wells 

Angelina; Weatherly Oil & Gas LLC; Crossman, Stanley 1; Raintree (Travis Peak Cons.); 11,865; 16/48; 89 Mcf; 2.5 Miles NE Wells

Angelina; Weatherly Oil & Gas LLC; Preston Heirs Unit 5; Raintree (Travis Peak Cons.); 11,865; 24/48; 3 Mcf; 3.18 Miles NE Wells

Gregg; XTO Energy Inc.; Whitehurst, T.F. Est. 2; Willow Springs (Travis Peak); 11,000; N/A; 58 Bbls/185 Mcf; 5 Miles N Longview

Harrison; XTO Energy Inc.; Black-Clark Gas Unit 1; Lansing, North (Travis Peak); 8,900; 1; 29 Mcf; 6 Miles NE Longview

Limestone; Linn Operating LLC; McFerran U-Burleson U McBay U 1HA; Freestone (CV-Bossier Cons.); 10,220; 68; 12318 Mcf; 7.6 Miles SE Groesbeck

Rusk; CCI East Texas Upstream LLC; Maddox Estate Gas Unit 1TP; Oak Hill (Travis Peak); 8,000; N/A; 0.30 Bbls/445 Mcf; 2.4 Miles NW Henderson

Rusk; Trivium Operating LLC; Houston H9; Pone (Basal Pettit King Zone); 11,190; 18/64; 10 Bbls/127 Mcf; 7.7 Miles E Henderson

Rusk; Sabine Oil & Gas Corp.; Dollar Gas Unit 1-9; Minden (Travis Peak Cons.); 11,127; 22; 50 Bbls/490 Mcf; 4 Miles W Henderson

Shelby; M.E. Operating & Services Inc.; Lane Gas Unit 1H; Stockman (Pettit, Lower); 11,470; 0.25; 6 Mcf; 2.5 Miles NW Tenaha

Upshur; Sabine Oil & Gas Corp.; McCollum, Gene A. 3; Gilmer (Cotton Valley Sands); 11,850; 1; 383 Mcf; 7 Miles SW Gilmer

Wood; Valence Operating Co.; Wheeler 1H; Como (Rodessa Hill, Lo.); 7,856; 13/64; 172 Bbls/161 Mcf; 4.5 Miles NE Yantis

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