I am in Caddo Parish, Section 24, T16N, R15W. It looks as though there is a well that might go in off Keith Road. How do I find out where my section lines are? Thanks for the help.

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The simplest thing will be to check the permit and see if your land is in the unit.
They could possibly have the drill site outside of your unit, the the lateral could be in your unit.
How do I check the permit? Can I do it on line and how do I find it? Will it tell if tell if the lateral will be in my unit? Does lateral mean horizontal?
Abby, sorry there has not been a well permit yet for your section. Also, your section has not been unitized. It may take some time for the information to become available.
What does unitized mean and how does it affect royalties from potential wells?
Unitized involves the legal framework for how the ownership of the gas is divided up. All the mineral rights owners in that unit own a share of the gas. A unit must be formed and a drilling permit issued before drilling will begin. You should get legal notice in the mail before a unit is formed.

I'm a little puzzled by that "drilling" road off of Keith road. There's not permit for a well in that section. I guess someone could be preparing a road and pad based on the assumption that they'll get a unit and a well permit and drill later.

That road could be going to the T16N R14W S19, too. It's permitted and is waiting for a unitization hearing in July.
Do the owners not get a chance to say where or not their land will be unitized? I was not aware of this. Do you know where on the internet I can find a layout of the sections and roads?
There seem to be wells all around my section. How do I know that my minerals aren't being pulled off by a horizontal well? What rights do the owners in my section have if there are horizontal wells going into our section?
Abby, the spacing rules for wells insure a well in the adjacent section is draining the natural gas from under your section. The rules state a well cannot be completed in more than one section (unit). Any horizontal well proposed for your section will be completed only in your section and only the mineral owners in your section will share in the production.
KB says, "Now, if a horizontal well bore goes under your section, first, the operator has to have permission to do so."

KB, am I correct that you're discussing what happens if the well bore passes under your section to get to another section, but doesn't draw any oil or gas from under your section? I think this is pretty rare unless there's some impediment such as water from drilling the well from within the section.

Do they only have to have permission from the landowners whose land the bore passes under? Other landowners in the "drill from" section would have no say.
Mac, I think it is not uncommon for operators to prepare the pad before the unit and/or well permit is granted.

Also, it could be a location for production facilities or pipeline facilities.
Abby, please look at the attached permit for a well in Section 26, especially the diagram on page 3. You will see how the permit limits the completion to a single section. In a few cases the surface location can be in one section while the lateral in is in an adjacent section. In that case only the mineral owners where the lateral is located will share in the production.
Abby, attached is a map of T16N-R15W showing the Haynesville Shale wells with their horizontal laterals. Most will always be drilled south to north or north to south. I hope this helps.


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