I believe there is a lot of inaccurate information circulating about the "Administration" failing to waive the Jones Act to allow foreign ships into the Gulf to aid in the clean up. According to everything I have been reading, including this excerpt from Fox Business, the Jones Act is not impeding foreign aid. "misconception about the Jones Act which requires that all goods transported by water between U.S. ports be carried by U.S. flag ships... meaning, no vessels w/ foreign flags can come into the Gulf. Since the BP spill began April 20th, there have been calls to temporary suspend the Jones Act so that foreign ships could come in to help skim the oil and aid in the clean-up.

Hornbeck flat-out told us that this is NOT an issue that's preventing foreign ships from coming in to the Gulf to help. He even gave the number of vessels from other countries that are in the Gulf RIGHT NOW helping with the situation. Please listen to the interview. We may have way bigger problems than the Jones Act to deal with at this point.

Read more: http://liz.blogs.foxbusiness.com/2010/06/21/jones-act-not-blocking-...(Blogs+-+LizVision)#ixzz0tm9gI19H

I have to wonder, it is misinformation, or politically motivated and intended to smear the current Administration, namely Obama? The Offshore Marine Service Association (OSMA) states that the Jones Act only applies to ships within 3 miles of a state's shore, and that even if it did apply in this case, it's purpose is to provide US flagships first right, and if no US ships are available, then foreign vessels may enter waters less than 3 miles offshore provided a waiver is issued. They go on to state that no requests for waivers have been made because there is not a US flagship available.

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