The Associated Press • May 14, 2009

BATON ROUGE — The Louisiana Environmental Action Network has filed a lawsuit against Exxon Mobil. The lawsuit claims excess emissions from the company's Baton Rouge chemical plant violated the state's environmental laws.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday in state district court, alleges that since May 13, 2008, the Exxon Mobil facility has released 89,7000 pounds more pollution to the air than its permit allows.

Lana Sonnier, spokeswoman with Exxon Mobil Baton Rouge, said the company works closely with state and federal agencies to set permit limits and to comply with regulations.

The lawsuit also alleges the Exxon Mobil facility has failed to properly maintain pollution control devices and has had several leak problems.

Marylee Orr, LEAN executive director, said the pollution reported by Exxon Mobil shows violations continue to occur at the facility.

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But wheren't the sunsets pretty?
I blame my time living in Baton Rouge for my allergy problems, I never had allergies until I spent six years breathing that crappy air.
Baton Rouge is also to blame for my road rage.
I am curious about what kind of pollution they claim Exxon is emiting in excess. Are they talking about CO2, which is not regulated by the State (yet), or something else?

I happen to know that DEQ closly watches the Exxon-Mobil refinery, What have they said about this suit?
And this has WHAT to do with the Haynesville Shale??? That's what I thought.....nothing! Zero! Nada.
Who made you KING of this Site??? If Keith has a problem with my post I am sure he will let me know. So if you wish not to read my post then do not click on it.... It is of interest to me and Exxon is an Oil and Gas company! Not every post on this site has to please YOU!!!
Man, I leave for a week and come back and screw up in the first hour!!

Didn't say you couldn't or shouldn't post it. Just asked why it has any connection to HS? Post about all kinds of stuff. I like reading it all. Just maybe it needs another category other than the main site. Keith moved or tried to move all of the political "stuff" over to a political site. And now there's a category for "other stuff not HS". Maybe that is where this goes. Exxon isn't in the shale, and I'm pretty certain the refining side of their company isn't.

Again, post at will. I like seeing all this. But just want to try and tie it back to the HS. If you were trying to connect big bad big oil/gas to pollution in BR to the HS, then I'd have an issue. But if its general interest, that's cool beans! But it kind of left it hanging out there.

Again, didn't mean to set you off on a tear! But my apologies if it did. Now, on with the show!
Although Exxon Mobil may not be on the shale right now, even tho their commercials brag about their technology being used here, they are the Great Great Grandaddy of all O&G's & a very pertinent model that others follow in this industry. If they wish to be as profitable as possible anyway. One could see into the eyes of those that wish to follow their lead. While I dont feel that all companies wish to push the limits to and beyond the maximum allowable, the bottom line takes precedence most of the time.IMO.

It wont be difficult to find out whether or not they are pushing the limits or if this is indeed a case of someone spreading vicious rumors. I am sure that Exxon Valdez Mobil will survive if this is just an attempt to cripple their character. But until there isn't even a remote chance for ecological disaster, people had better keep the watchdogs healthy and alert. I just got through watching a special on Love Canal, and how much cheaper it would have been to have done it right the first time around instead of the countless tragedies of birth defects,sickness and other abnormalities as well as the billions of dollars it will take over the next 50 years or so for clean up.
Hey Snake do it right - Exxon Valdez

It was pre Mobil


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