We recived papers in the mail that we were being pooled (640 acre section).I seen in the paper today(sunday)that this section(S28 T15N R16W) was Nonunitized.Can someone please explain this to me? They have the pad ready,and I heard they were fixing to start drilling. Thanks

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is you section on cross lake north side?
No,We are located on Johns Gin Rd ,Springridge.Bethany-Longstreet Field
This is a real hotspot, good luck.
15N is about 12 miles south of cross lake.
Thanks,I hope all of this is good.A friend of my daughter is supposed to let me know when they are getting ready to drill.He said it may be in April before they start.Thanks again for your reply.
if his section is were i think is in 95% is in the lake and thats good
CHK has been granted a drilling permit on Feb. 9. They have 180 days to commence drilling. the serial # is 239454
Thank you.That information helps a lot.We are about three miles down johns gin rd.Is this section really a hot spot?
The area has been. Look at the map at the following link:


It does not show the s-t-r but you can get an idea of what is what.

The pink squares with little black lines are gas wells with horizontal laterals.


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