Last year a map was, I think from a Cheaspeak presentation posted, that showed the Organic Shale Deposition. To the East of the shale deposition there were areas listed a suspened load (clay) and sand and silt. My question is the haynesville shale only in the organic shale deposition area or is it also located in the suspended load (clay) and the sand and silt area?

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Only in the Organic Shale area to my knowledge, although the parameters of said map are somewhat dated.
So Check, the organic shale area could be a lot larger than what was originally thought? Also, what is in the suspended load area? I know wells are in this area.
The organic shale area depicted was pretty accurate, it would be smaller in some areas and vice versa larger, just look at the new Cheasapeake map posted a few days ago, the play has basically been defined especially in the north, northwest and northeast. What area are you interested in?
I am in 21, 16N 8W
there are already 3 units in 16N 8W
I know about the units, but when I look at the maps, it looks like my section is really close to being in the suspended clay area. I guess until they drill in these units we won't know.
Maybe we can get ShaleGeo or someone else to chime in. I can only tell you what I gleam from other sources, we need a real expert.


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