May God bless the people who live on Hwy 5. I went fishing down in Logansport yesterday, and had the honor of driving over Hwy 5. The fact Desoto is the hot spot now, has taken it's toll on their roads. Trucks related to Haynesville Shale have made Hwy 5 look like a bombing run was made on it. Now, if they'd just tear up the roads in Webster Parish.

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I can bet many roads are being hammered. The parish is replacing a small bridge right north to Greenwood (across the tracks) and I have to wonder if the heavy traffic has weakened it.

For the most part, 169 is holding up though.
De Soto will be able to pave their roads with gold.
CMK, yeah right... tell that to the Police Jury.
That only applies to roads where the local politicians travel a lot or own land, etc.
The roads were never really that great before....
I thought my trailer hitch was about to break. But you guys are right, the folks down there aren’t complaining.
I know that I joke a lot. But on a serious note, that road is unacceptable to be called a Hwy. Somebody will get hurt sooner than later.
Stonewall-Frierson Road was a joke before the shale, now it's a laughing stock. not only potholes, but the salt trucks make it a potential demolition derby, you take your life in your hands just driving down that cow trail. I won't comment on the questionable quality of some of those salt truck drivers, but I'm sure some of them are blind in one eye, and can't see out the other.
I know it will never happen, but they should make them take an alternate route other than Stonewall-frierson. That is a salt truck/school bus head on waiting to happen.
Solution: Get a Hummer, support the local economy. Or get a tank at a government auction. 80)
For the past 2 years, I have been driving on Hwy 5 about 3 times a week to visit my Dad in
S'port and that highway is getting worse by the day. One night right in Keathie it was raining so hard I couldn't see at all and thought I had gone in the ditch because the road was so rough so I just stopped and realized I was in the road. Last summer I traded in my car for a Ford truck so I would feel more competitve with the salt water trucks but have since been torpedoed by flying depris and have a cracked windshield. I was beginning to think the O&G companies had paid off the sheriff departments because in the past year I rarely saw a patrolman, but last week I finally saw a radar just outside of Longstreet and the trucks had slowed down alot that day. I agree about the stonewall road not only about head-on but also getting hit in the rear when you stop for the school bus or another car turning. I keep one eye looking in my rear view mirror on that road. I am expecting the bridge in Logansport to be the next big detour. There is no way that old bridge will hold up to the traffic it gets every day - continuous trucks. Did you catch any fish?


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