After several months of reviewing leases by Tacoma Energy, HEP Energy and EQX for lands from Hwy. 1 just south of Caddo Lake eastward to the river and extending somewhat into Bossier Parish I am relatively sure that the target is the Annona Chalk.  The client upon whose behalf the listed land companies are taking or have taken leases also acquired a couple of state leases in the Soda Lake area through New Holdings LLC.  That and the recent permitting of two wells by Petro-Chem Operating Company lead me to believe that the first wells will be drilled soon.  The Mills & Co 6 #1 is a vertical well.  The Chevron USA Inc 7H Should be the first horizontal attempt at economic production.  Although it is possible that Petro-Chem is behind the prospect with some investor assistance, it may be that they are fronting for a larger energy company that would prefer to remain unknown until the initial wells deliver enough science to validate the play and help define the extent of the productive fairway.

CADDO 01 244950 MILLS & CO 6 001 29-MAY-12 P289 006-20N-14W 2152 CADDO PINE ISLAND 1700  

CADDO 01 244951 CHEVRON USA INC 7 H 001 29-MAY-12 P289 007-21N-15W 2152 CADDO PINE ISLAND 6210

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CSC subleased and Petro Chem drilled a vertical test on our acreage in Secs 5 & 6 of T22N, R15W, depths limited to the chalk.  BLB drilled and cased.  Well was logged and cored, plugged with lightweight cement.


I am waiting for the chance to install the BlackStorm production system into one of the horizontals when put in production since it will turn the corner quite nicely, no rods, tubing, pumpjack or paraffin issues.



When would this well have been drilled and in what section was the surface location, Jay?

Thanks, good info



S/N is 244393, spud 2/11/2012 Parker Fam Int LLC 5, Well #1.  Surface location in Sec 5.


I see location being made for next test, Chevron I think, just off the end of the blacktop coming off of the Ward 2 Industrial Park, just south of Vivian from Hwy 1.



New location in Ward 2 Industrial Park, just off Hwy 1, South of Vivian

Thanks, Jay.  You had me confused with your first response giving the location in 22N - 15W.  The SONRIS Well File indicates the surface location is in 21N - 15W.  And thanks for the pic.

I seem to have " lost" my township map (whatever it is called) of Caddo Parish.  Would you provide me with the link so I may view it again?   My property is located in 18N.

Iris, save both maps to your computer and then you can enlarge it as needed.  Note:  The townships are numbered in the left hand column and the ranges across the top.  Individual sections are numbered.  You are at the top of the S Caddo map.  I am including the N Caddo so between the two you can find what we are discussing in this thread.  Keep in mind that each section is one mile square.

Thanks, Skip.

Not your average pit for Caddo Pine Island...

Can you share where it is located, Jay?


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