Does anybody know how far behind EXCO is on issuing their Division Orders?

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they do take their time. alot of work. the folks in the Royalty Relations are good at helping. Do You have that # ? 888-788-9449 Mary or Denise

Happy Holidays, Diana



Thank-you so much for the info and rapid response - I'll give them a call after Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

William Douglas Barnum


You might need to leave a message, They will return your call.

I spoke with Chris Holston at EXCO, 2 weeks ago, regarding  D.O.'s for the Walker F well, in Chireno.  She indicated, to me, that she was working on the D.O.'s that week, and that the D.O.'s, for Walker F, would be going out within about two weeks time.  They should be in the mail this week.  I will contact her again, if I dont receive them by mid January.

Would that be API 347-33215?

Dont know the API.  However, Im certain that you are an interest holder in this well(Walker F)


I called Royalty Relations on Friday (1/6/12), and they told me they were "inputing the Walker wells now", and they hoped to be done in a "couple of weeks" and to have the Division Orders and first checks out with their "January mailing, and if not then by their February mailing".

Yeah, Ive been hearing a "couple of weeks", from them, now for the past 2 months.  Not holding my breath.  By the way, do you know exactly how many acres we have in the Walker F unit?  I was told, initially, that it was 80+ acres, but then I heard it was more like 135+...

My calculation puts it at a minimum of 141.34 acres.  Out of the total of 619.87, so, if it is that minimum number, we would have 22.8% of the total pool.  It could be more.

Just received an email, from EXCO, stating that D.O's, for the Walker F, will be in the mail this week.  Also, if I understood the email correctly, the checks will be issued February 20th.


Where you been hiding reallyoldguy?  Maybe Jfree, you and I need to make another road trip to Nacogdoches Co. some time!  I have concluded more than once that you are the best at getting info from Exco.  What a pipeline you have!  Talked to Ken F. lately?  He helped me with an issue a few months ago!  I've been spending some time with the TMS lately.  Anyhow, thanks for the info on the Walker F.  I'll be looking forward to getting that DO and I know you will!

Hey there Spring Branch!  Yes, yes, Im the "go to" guy when it comes to EXCO info.  As we all know, Im exremely important in the indusrty! LOLOLOL!!!

I'll meet you guys back in Chireno, anytime!  We were just out there a couple of months ago.  The EXCO building looks great.  Ive exchanged a couple of e-mails w. Ken F., but nothing of any major interest.

I'll let you know thew minute I receive a do the same!

Good hearin' from ya!


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