Just wondering if there is ANY activity( i.e. drilling, leasing etc...) in Nacogdoches Co. at the moment.  Whats going on with leases in that area?  Has anyone had a lease expire that wasnt renewed?  Just looking for any general information about the area...

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EOG still has two rigs in the county and one over in San Augustine.  Not much going on... but I can't tell you about leases.  I haven't looked in a couple of months to see what's been filed.    

It is quiet in Goodwin Community across the river. The company I work for has 6 billion in shale gas driven capital projects breaking ground along the Gulf Coast cranking up. All the action is in Eagle Ford oil right now.

Farmbrad, do you still have a lease with Encana?  Or have you leased with anyone else?

No lease at present. I'm thinking we're 6-10 years away from conditions improving. Perhaps, at retirement the NG ship will come in...

Good to hear from you, ROG

6-10 years???  Hell, I'll probably be dead by then!  XTO has until February to drill two wells to hold our lease.  Im starting to have some concern as to whether they will drill or let the lease expire.  Will be intersting to watch all of this unfold...


realoldguy-- XTO/XOM has the money to drill it. You have the best chance of anyone to get a well before lease expired so stay positive thinking. Lots can happen over next 7 months. Just hope they have adequate acres with your mineral acres to make a nice unit plate with long N/S laterals. Hope there is 700-800 acres contignous in right shape  for plat. Do you have some good producing offset wells close? Yep I agree I have few mineral if not drill next 10 years or so I may not be around so kids get it.

Hi Adubu! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have a small amount of acreage in what WAS a really nice well, that was drilled by EXCO. However, they have choked the well wayyyyy back. The well its in the Walker survey which its located just to the south of the acreage that XTO holds. All of the acreage is contiguous...

how many acres does XTO have not HBP do you think?

About 1100...

Trish--- I will be very surprised if XTO let's it expire-- they will map out a good N/S lateral plat to get most of it put in at least one unit and spud a well before expiration ( you say Feb. 2013 of most leases). Let me know if you see sign of pad construction or some one with land surface get notification they desire a ROW for pad site.With nat gas pushing $3 now and they can hedge and get close to $4 out about 18 months they can make profit.

Reallyoldguy---update us --what XTO do with your 1100 acres lease due to expire this week?

reallyoldguy---what did XTO do with your lease that was due to expire end of Feb????


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