Angelina County Shalers.

BP just permitted their Trex Gas Unit #1H' in J. H. Finch survey, A-726. Adjoins west side of Black Stone Mineral's (previous EOG Resources) Sarge Unit. Of interest is the ~8000 feet horizontal lateral and 960 acre unit size. The primary Lessor is Black Stone Minerals (Energy) holding leases from various Angelina County Lumber Company Heirs. All this leasing occurred late last year.

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Thanks to Jffree1 for alerting me to this new permit.


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How big is the pad, Mike? The rig will skid or walk. Sidewinder has both but they don't list anything in the HA, generally, and nothing on that rig, in particular. The HA is nearly 15,000' in this location with ~10,000 # bottom hole pressure.

They spud two or three of the permitted SA wells with this rig several months ago. Lately  they had it assigned in SA and reported it 'moving on' 7-15-16. Then it appeared as drilling in Angelina 3 days later. They may still have a snag with RRC on the SA wells. They had a couple of permits that were on hold for a spell.



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