Anyone familiar with Bodcaw Phase IV 3D Project? I am in T17N, R7W, Sec. 30 and have been contacted about seismic work.

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We are in 17N R6W and have agreed to the 3D Seismic Survey. I wonder why they would be doing a survey which has been HBP for well over 25-30 years by EL PASO. Maybe they just want to know if the Haynesville is in our area as well. :o) I guess we will find out. One way or the other.
Guess we will found out, too. Haynesville in our area would be good.
Hosston and Cotton Valley wells have been very good production wells. I did see where EL PASO permitted a well to the Bain Sand Formation at 7,000-7,500 feet and Conville Sand R B. I have never heard of those formations before those wells were permitted.

As long as they produce I don't care what they are called.
Aproved seismic survey with Seismic Exchange in 17N 7W also .. something is stirring
T17N R10W south webster/south bossier parish (Old Honest Johns and outlying). Looks like an Interstate highway going through here. Take a drive, Hwy 527 at Sportmans Paradise Rd, go north a few miles and you will see it. Some talk about a Bistineau pipeline? Anybody know what's up? I know this location is not in the parish of Bienville, but I've not been very successfull in researching. Webster and Bienville are neighbor parishes! Curious.

I think any 3-D siesmic projects can only be good for any area. They will identify any possible areas of interest for a lot of plays. I don't think the Haynesville Shale is the major objective in a lot of these siesmic shoots, but there are apparently a heck of a lot of dang good sand plays in some of these areas.

I don't understand what "sand plays" are. I'm a rookie shaler, hope you might can explain.

Ralph, a sand play would be a conventional sandstone rock formation. Until recently, this was the primary type of oil & gas reservoir in Northwest Louisiana such as Cotton Valley, Hosston, Smackover, etc. In the past shale formations were viewed as only source rocks but could not be developed and yield gas production. New technologies and higher natural gas prices have changed that perception.
Hey Ralph, They aare putting a pipeline under bistineau coming out at Plum Orchard. On the Bienville side at Lauguna Beach. I was told it is a 42". I see what looks like 30" pipe on Bienville side, but there are two coming together and going under the lake. Alot of activity over here. Looks good for Bienville and ajoining properties.
10/4, Thanks Mr Jed.
Plum Orchard looks about the right location on this side. You think it's possible to bore under our Lake? Wondering what more environmental & biological concerns it may pose. I saw a Bald Eagle being chased by some crows just the other day. What do you think?

I was contacted by Seismic Exchange, Inc two days ago. My property is located in 16N, Range 6 and section 7. I asked the Permit agent which companies were paying and he stated El Paso and Conoco Philips. The contract had no mention of financial compensation or damage clause. I am located in California and this is my first introduction to Shales and leasing rights. I recently inherited this property from my father.
Also get your money up front before they do anything.


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