SM Energy is setting up to drill in S17 T23N R12W.  The landman has contacted me about leasing in the section just South of the well site. Does anyone know of the leasing in this area?  S20 T23N R12W.

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Leasing in north Bossier Parish on behalf of SM Energy has been ongoing for about two years.  That prior leasing was conducted for SM Energy by JB Land Services.  Hopefully others will share information on current leasing in your specific area.  You can look through past discussions about leasing in N Bossier here in the group discussion archive or search using the key words, JB Land.  SM Energy's original interest was in the Pettit Zone but the wells they drilled did not appear to be sufficiently commercial.  It's good to see that they are now interested in drilling a horizontal well in the Haynesville Sand.

This Arkana field well, the Stovall 17 H #1, was spudded on 6/30/14 and was drilling at 7708 feet as of 7/12/14. It has a projected true vertical depth of 11,100 feet and a proposed 4600' lateral in the Haynesville Stringer sand.

Nice work.  Thanks, obed.

The above Stovall 17 H #1 was reported by Nabors Drilling to be at 10085' as of 7/18/14, so they may be about ready to start their turn unless they drill a pilot hole first.

Obed, Is that information online?

No, it requires a subscription. Email me if you would like to subscribe.

The Stovall 17 H #1 is reported drilling ahead at 10956' as of 7/25/14.

Nabors reports that the Stovall 17 H #1 is "drilling  ahead" at 9768' as of 8/1/14, which is 1200' less than reported last week. Possibly they drilled a pilot hole and have now moved back uphole to start the lateral; or they could have had mechanical problems and had to sidetrack.

Only a little progress is reported in the Stovall since last week: 9911' as of 8/8/14.

Obed, thanks for the updates.  I was over that way yesterday.  I do hope they make a good well.

The Stovall 17 H #1 in the Arkana Field is drilling at 10275 feet as of 8/15/14, 364 feet deeper than last week.

Stovall 17 H #1 is at 10675 feet as of 8/22/14. At this rate, it could take some time to get to the projected measured depth of 15700 feet.



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