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I don't think so, I have leased wells at Macedonia, and they just re-drilled 2 of our capped wells. They are putting out and they are suppose to re-drill 2 more wells. Possibly drill 2-3 new wells.

Tony, I don't know what Bonanza Creek's plans are, but it looks like Quantum Resources is becoming very active in Cotton Valley drilling in the Dorcheat-Macedonia Field. They have at least 13 active permits, mainly in S16-18S-21W and S13-18S-22W. They also have at least 2 recent completions, one with IP of 115 bbl/day and the other with IP of 134 bbl/day.

As of today, we have 6 new wells being drilled in Macedonia, S16-18S-21W and Quantum Resources is our leader. Waiting for something to happen. That will give us a total of 11 wells. Our checks are getting larger as they went in and uncapped 3 old wells. I don't think Bonanza will be leaving anytime soon, because there is "oil in them there hills".

The Bonanza Creek J I PHELPS #B-4 well in 33-19S-19W of the Chalybeate Springs Field was spudded on 1/29/15. This well is permitted to 10017 feet and is being drilled by Reliance Well rig #RR2.

I see that the rig has moved off location for the above Phelps B-4 well, as of 2/20/15. Has anyone heard anything about the status of this well?

Bonanza Creek must have seen something promising in the Phelps #B-4 well, as they are now drilling the Phelps #A-1 well in the same section, about 4000 ft east of the B-4 location. The A-1 is permitted to 10000 ft and was spudded 2/18/15 by Reliance Drilling rig #RR2.

The guys who started Bonanza creek have started a new company named Fifth Creek energy. They will focus on horizontal drilling and mentioned south Arkansas/North La as target areas. Not sure if they will work with or against Bonanza. See pages 17-19

The Phelps #A-1 well is drilling ahead, 17 days drilling, as of 3/6/15.


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