Hello, We (our family group) are leased to Sanchez - with a 3 year primary and 2 year optional. Does anyone know if Sanchez has been exercising the option on leases having a 3 year primary  and 2 year optional extension ? We would appreciate any information out there. We have a ways to go before that time but would like to know what they are doing out there.

Thanks, C Bell.

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From what I hear, SN is choosing to exercise it's option to extend certain leases, yet not renewing others.   .  

Thanks, Barnburner16, I appreciate the response.

Barnburner, it would be helpful for those interested in this topic if you could provide any general location information.

Hi C. Bell,

Have you heard anything from Sanchez yet?


Hi Cathy, no. Our option does not come up until 2017 (toward end of year). I know that Sanchez has ceased operations as far a new wells - this was stated on their website in Aug or Sept of this year. The only other thing I have heard is one other mineral owner further to the south around the Ms-La border in Wilkinson was not 'optioned'. If I hear anything new I will post here. Good luck to you and your family.


Thank you. Good luck to you as well.



Cathy, Is there any activity in your area as far as leasing? State Line well is the only one I know of.



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