Anyone know the going rate for a right of way for the purpose of laying pipe for fracking water and also anything else we need to make sure to have covered in the agreement?

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You could hire an attorney or do a search here and try to figure it out yourself. Most of the information will be from Pa. and may be for long term right of way, but it may give you some ideas as to what to consider in your contract.  No matter what the water resources people say, the agreement they send will probably give them permission to come on your property for however long they need, using whatever equipment they choose and installing any above ground pumps etc, they feel necessary. The contract may not address damages to surface, timber or stating your access to trails, logging roads etc. wont be compromised.  They will probably offer you $1 per foot.  If they are fracking 2 wells, you might be offered $2. 

Are they buying your water, or just laying pipe via the row?

IMO, you want to be sure that you have adequate protections, as Jelli states above, but if this water is being used for a well you are party to, I would not tend to make this process tedious for the operator. Get protections, get some cash and let them get in there as expedient as possible. As we know markets can change rapidly.

The great thing about this site is that there tons of gems hidden in the back pages. Here is a search of discussion mentioning water pipelines

I'll second Keith's comment on the value of discussions in the archive.  When reviewing those discussion replies it is helpful to note the dates.  Some things change with time.


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