I was told that a new well will be drilled South of the Messenger well by Anadarko Petrol. Co. Soon. Also have a friend who has property near Powhattan who was contacted about a location on his property.

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Do you have section-T-R info for these locations? Which company has the lease on your friend's property near Powhattan?
Thanks. Just to clarify, you're talking about two sites - one south of Messenger and the other near Powhatan? (and both to be drilled by Anadarko)
Anyone else have any Anadarko information?
talked with anadarko man today he said that 9-10 wells will be drilled in the allen powhattan area in the next two years on anadarko lease holds. three wells are staked now and surveying begins tomorrow on the location at allen. it will be near the cell phone tower east side of i 49 (section 22) near allen exit. a brand new rig being built now will be here in january.
I see that the location is surveyed and the stakes are in place - It is very near the cell tower & the road going toward the messenger place. ( near the interstate also )
What township/range are these wells in?

Just trying to find them on my map! Thanks!
XTO bought out Anadarko and yes all of this is true, i live in between both new sights.
There are two new wells being drilled by Anadarko at Allen close to Messenger. One on Kathy Box Andersons place and one on Reed Steadman. They are now staked, but no work has been done on them as of today.
they have been staked and the property surveyed. Anadarko will also drill several other wells one on cook property in powhattan another on allen beaulah rd. one will also be drilled off hwy 1 north of powhattan. i have property in one of these wells and have talked with the anadarko people. this will be called the cane river field. we were told that most shale drilling that has gone on the company is happy with 2-3 million ft. of gas per day lets all hope that even though natural gas is getting cheaper that these wells will have exceptional flow rates and will be profitable for all. we were told by anadarko that the rig(s) will be here sometime in the spring.
What township/range are inclusive of Cane River Field? Thanking you in advance for your response.
township 10 north, range 9 west but this is not all not sure of the rest.


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