Skip's post Oil and Gas News Locations & Completions for April 30 lists the following permit for Natchitoches Parish followed by his comment below.  This is potentially very exciting news for the area. 


Brammer Engineering Inc, Olympia Minerals, 001, Sec. 16, T8N, R8W, Wildcat, 4850' MD, Eagle Ford Shale.


"And it is permitted as an oil well.  I think there may be some leasing activity associated with this permit.  Natchitoches members should watch this well."


Can anyone elaborate further on the matter at this point, or are we in for yet more suspense?

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There is no suspense to it.  Early on this site I was telling Two-Dogs how I had bad gas.  While starting my old lawn mower it fired off and blew a big hole in the ground,  almost took me out with it.  Everyone thought I was talking about the other kind of gas. Well it now looks like I might have oil with that gas.  I own the Northwest 1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of section 20 in T8N-R8W,  That is 40 acres square.  It joins section 16 at the corner which is to the Northeast of me.  I have already had one man wanting to lease for $100.00 dollars a year for a 100 year lease.  But he wanted to put a road in.  I would much prefer to drill than dehill.  Thanks for the post as it is getting hyped up around here.  Ole "Rather Not" never got back with me after I answered their post.  Quess they would Rather Not.
Are you seeing any activity in the area which would indicate work is underway on this project?
I have noticed orange and red ribbons at the enterance of a dirt road off 117 to the east that has also been reworked and had winn rock added to its surface.  I dont think the parish would spent the money to do this.  Its also about the same distance from my place that the well site would be. Have not seen any other activity but will be watching this area closely for any other developments.
Does anyone know how section 16 lays.  Is part of it west of hwy 117 and part east of hwy 117 ?   Also is this timber company land or is it owned by the school board ?  This well has been permitted as an oil well and there has been no comments at all about it.  very strange indeed. 
Lrb, you can see Section 16 on the two attached maps.  Section is split by Hwy 117 and mineral rights appear to be owned 100% by the timber company.
Thanks Les, that land being owned by a timber company explains why there has been no interest shown or comments about this well. I am located about 1 and 1/4 mile from this well site.
Lrb, look for interest and discussion to pick-up once the well has been spud since it would be an initial test of the Eagle Ford Shale potential in the area.
That is odd given this is permitted as an oil well.  Is this simply a case of wishful thinking?

The drill bit will tell the tale.  The permit states there has never been a well permitted or drilled in section 16 or section 9.  To my knowledge there has never been one drilled in my section (20) either.  I can tell you this,  there are sea shells on top of the ground in my garden,  I have plowed them for years.  This whole area had to be under water millions of years ago.  Call it wishful thinking if you want but that is a fact.  Based on this and the fact this area has never been drilled, my crystal ball will continue to say otherwise until proven that it is cracked.

"The Buzz"

Shaye, if the Eagle Ford Shale is productive in this area it would likely be "oily".

Hi Les, two questions. First, the second map you posted... the numbers beside the well symbols... I assumed serial numbers? The one for the new well does match the SONRIS serial number. The ones for 9n-10w do not.


Second, how, exactly, do you create a map like that? Is there a map on SONRIS where you can view all wells in/around a certain section?

HY, you can create a custom map by using the GIS function within Sonris that includes the wells wihin the area.


The numbers are the well Serial Numbers.  The two shown in T9N-R10W appear to be typos and should be 162553 & 242154.


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