COMPANY: Memorial Resource Development, BAREMORE ETAL 34H, 1: 246550. WHERE: Terryville, S 34. T. 19N R. 4W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 20.409 MMcfd gas on 46/64 choke; 8 barrels n/a gravity condensate; 2724 barrels water. PRESSURE: 2856 lbs. SPECIFICS: LCV perforations, 11929-20881 feet, depth, 20995 feet.

COMPANY: Memorial Resources Development, COLVIN ESTATE 28-33-4H, 5: 249055. WHERE: Terryville, S 28. T. 19N R. 4W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 22.54 MMcfd gas on 38/64 choke; 275 barrels n/a gravity condensate; 2150 barrels water. PRESSURE: 5100 lbs. SPECIFICS: LCV perforations, 11628-19980 feet, depth, 20096 feet.

COMPANY: Memorial Resource Development, TL MCCRARY 14-23-26H, 8: 249006. WHERE: Terryville, S 14. T. 19N R. 4W. DAILY PRODUCTION: 24.25 MMcfd gas on 38/64 choke; 230 barrels n/a gravity condensate; 1990 barrels water. PRESSURE: 5600 lbs. SPECIFICS: LCV perforations, 11014-19003 feet, depth, 19119 feet.

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Thank you skip for posting these can you update me when the Jackson parish nabors rig x35 completes the well when able. Been trying to get info as to how deep they are planning on drilling.


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