I was doing some searching on SONRIS for info on the old oil wells that were on my grandparents' place in the 1930's. I live on that property and had always heard that there were 'good' wells on it. I was just wondering what that meant. I found the wells, but there was no production info; but there was also no P&A until the 70's. Was it not required at that time to report production, or did the state just not enter it, since I know there were no computers then? :-) Just curious.

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You would have to go to the DNR in Shreveport to find the information that you are looking for, it may or may not be there. Sonris will just list the wells  that were drilled in the section but you can't trust that. Make sure that you double check everything like parish and code, section, township and range etc. A novice may be able to weave their way through the spider's web but you really need to hire an expert to get to the bottom of the problem.

Thank you. I was just curious about it. May try to check further some day, but for now that answers my question.

S32 8N 11W

There were 4 from 1933-1934.


Thank you!

Permits to plug were issued for all 4 wells on 10/3 and 10/10/1935.  Doesn't look like they were "good".  That data is from the SONRIS Classic portion of the state database.  I'll be interested to see what Jay turns up.

Very interesting and good to know. I was always told stories about the old "popping johnny" that pumped two wells at a time with a cable run from one. Guess we can put all the "good" stories to rest. There is no one left in the family that would have really known, as my dad was only 10 then and he is gone. Nice to know they were plugged, as we were always told they were not. They were  shallow by today's standards.

Thanks so much for the help and for the trouble that you went to in order to find the info that was just a family curiosity for me. I really appreciate the kindness and consideration you show and the willingness to help. It is the people like you and Skip that make this site such a valuable tool to others.

Shell did seismograph work here a couple of years ago all over our place and this section. Guess they didn't find anything of worth, as we never heard anything else from them.

My father went down to Sabine Parish, ca. 1930, to look at a gusher that was going to make our family rich.  If you find it, please let me know.  

My father's story was that promoters were selling shares to Hollywood stars.  If you have an old photo of Clark Gable or Vivien Leigh, standing next to our family's gusher, please send it on to me. 

An interesting question because I am on both sides, having inherited leasehold in the Zwolle field -- which I believe may have run out -- and mineral rights and surface in parts of northwest Louisiana, where I think that we could possibly improve our family's position.

It grieves me to say anything nice about a Louisiana bureaucrat, but the people at the Conservation Department are good at what they do, they are professional and they are helpful. The State Office Building is the old United Gas Building on the corner of Fairfield and Jordan. They maintain good records, and the employees there will assist you.

Marshall, the District 6 office is overworked and short staffed.  The same can be said of the other district offices and the OOC in Baton Rouge.  I appreciate your compliments to the staff and, as someone who is there often, agree wholeheartedly with your praise.


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