I was wondering if anyone has been contacted concerning this well. I'm trying to figure out what I can expect next and in what kind of timeframe.

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No... Waiting and hoping it will be soon!

Thanks for your reply.

What does shut-in producer mean?

It's waiting on completion.

Thank you

I got a nice check for this well!

Mine was pretty good too. I wonder if they are gonna be monthly now? My first one was for February to June. Looks like it's putting out about 10MMcfd.

Doesn't look like there's gonna be a royalty check this month either.

Railroad Commission of Texas is doing an update today.  Might find out some more information this evening.

I am relatively new to this site and have not posted before.  I have an XTO lease in the Keydets well.  My understanding is that it is capped due to the horizontal drilling of another gas well nearby.  Those of us in the lease have not received a royalty payment for three months now. XTO told us to call them back about royalties in Sept. or October.  We will continue to check with the Railroad Commission from month to month.  Do you, Mister Sunday, have any information on the status of this well or the one they are currently drilling nearby?  Is it called Boll Weevil?  This novice needs your help.  Thank you, Kat 

September 5, dang!

Mister Sunday, What does this post mean?  Will royalties begin accruing on Sept. 5?  Will the drilling on Keydets begin on that date?  Thank you for your response. Kat Pruitt


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