Just wondering what the going rate for mineral lease bonus and royalty are now?  Haven’t leased anything in over five years, but had some interest recently.  Thanks

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Success!  I'll be interested to read any replies.

It kinda depends on where it is - some parts of the county are thought to be more prospect - worthy than others. 

I agree with GoRicky.  Location matters but if you have received an offer, then someone must be interested.  Rodney, can you share details of your offer?  Company.  Bonus and royalty.  Your general location in Shelby County.

The minerals are located about a 2 miles south of Tenahaand a 1/2 mile west of Hwy 95.  I was contacted by a land man from Brown Godwin Co., they offered $200 an acre and 3/16.

Brown Goodwin Co. is a "land" company that is running a lease program for a client.  You might try asking who the client is but you may or may not get an answer.  This sounds like "an opening offer" to see how many mineral owners are willing to jump on it.  As close as you are to Tenaha, I would suspect that you are outside of the currently defined Haynesville Shale fairway but you may be close.  Only jffree1 could likely provide a more informed opinion.  I feel sure she is a member of this group.  Maybe she will chime in.

They are the ones I dealt with previously and I never knew who they were representing.  With such little activity in that area I was surprised when they called.

Who's actually leasing in that area

I have also had Brown, Godwin & Company calling about leasing a small interest, approximately 11 acres our family has in the George S. Hutto survey A-352 and A-348. They had previously leased it for BROGO Minerals. I have not called back as I was trying to find out if something was happening over there or if they were just speculating. We have also had some calls about buying our producing royalties in the XTO Vols DU 01H. 

To some extent I think the uptick in leasing interest and mineral purchase offers in Shelby County is associated with the arrival of Aethon.  Aethon has been the most aggressive driller across the entire Haynesville Shale Fairway, LA and TX.  Although Legacy Reserves was the first company drilling Shelby rock after a long dry spell, the arrival of a Haynesville-directed Aethon rig in mid-June likely upped the interest.

The rig locations can be followed by keeping up with my discussion,

HAYNESVILLE RIG COUNT BY PARISH/COUNTY AND OPERATOR   , on the Main Page which I update each week.


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