Can anyone tell me approximately how long it takes for completion of a gas well once you've seen that the permit for drilling was approved? Then, if it starts producing does a check just appear one day or do you get some other kind of notice? A well I have mineral rights in was approved for drilling on March 7. I haven't seen any news of it's completion. Thanks in advance!

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Please-----don't spend any money. We had a well completed in August I believe. Apparently, it pumped for 3months or longer and then it was declared that it had water and salt; therefore, it was shut down. After many calls we got a check for under $1000. So please don't get tooooooo excited. How many people in your area
are getting paid. I would like to know that. Is this all hype? We were leased for 3 years and now we are being told that they will not re lease the land. Not sure of what that means. I hate to be negative; however, this is real and I don't have a lot of faith in the oil system now. We were in one that was named and we knew where it was and now it has been scrapped. Go figure. I hope that you have better luck than we did. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
Sorry about your well and yes, I'm hoping for better luck too.I guess you just never know.
Mel, It depends on who the operator is, as to how soon they drill after they permit a well. Some are moving a rig on before the permit is approved and are ready to spud the minute they get a go-ahead. Others permit wells quite far ahead of drilling.
Which well are you watching? There are several people on GHS who check the drilling rig map on Friday who can tell you when a rig shows up on that well.

amigo, I am sorry for your bad luck but there are a number of wells permitted that may never be drilled. It happens... someone will drill a less than spectacular well or have lots of problems drilling and then suddenly that area is less attractive than once thought.
Thanks for the information jffree. I'm watching the Timberstar-Blackstone GU1 being drilled by Southwestern Energy. I didn't know about the drilling rig map. Is that something anyone can access? And, is it online?
It's free to access and anyone can look.

Choose "Texas" from the state list and then choose "East Texas Basin" and then "select/refresh".

But, I'll save you some time. The well permit was approved on 3-01-10 and they started drilling 3-13-10. The well is finished drilling... that rig spud another well (SWN-Harris B. #1H) on 5-17-10. So now you have to wait for a completion report.
That's interesting. Thanks again for sharing.
And, I really appreciate you looking that up. I'm going to have to practice on that page for a while; still getting an "error on page" message when trying to access the info.
If you are using IE 7 you may have to go to "Tools" then "Compatibility View Setting" and add the website to make it work right.

Click on "ADD" and then paste this link:

Should clear up your troubles!
Worked perfectly. Thanks for the tip.
Mel, you can always check the following group to see which Haynesville Shale wells are currently being drilled in Texas & Louisiana.
Thanks Les - I have been watching this too. Good to know.
"And, I really appreciate you looking that up"

It's no problem... I maintain a database that is updated continuously so finding the information took two clicks.


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