Why is my check from Chesapeake half this month?  I think that I had heard that since the price of NG was so low they would be choking back wells.  Could this be why?  My well is #240573.  

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Please don't get use to the x amount of dollars every month... it won't happen.. its better to sock away your earnings for future use.

Is there a rhyme or reason to the amount of the checks. Our have dropped sharply each month this year. At this rate,there will be no check in July. Is it over?


Pamela: Please call me. Clifford Krauss, New York Times gas reporter. 713-752-2006. thanks,Cliff

Dan: Please call me. I am a gas writer for New York Times. My number is: 713-725-2006. thanks,Cliff 

I remember when you told someone you they had a lot of gas they would give you a Rolaids......that is until the Haynesville Shale came alone.  Well, with the price of N.gas dropping towards two dollars, I think I need a lot of medicine.

Oh, I forgot that I read they are flaring millions of cubic feet of gas in the Bakkan Shale Play because it is pretty much worthless, that makes me feel better.  Why this country is not running "everything" on natural gas amazes me, we have so much we just burn it off.  The way I figure it, if they found a gold mine in my back yard, gold prices would drop to $60 an ounce, they are headed that way as well.


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