Anyone know what section this well is PAYING in. Sonris just posted that the

well was completed in Jan.2011.  I talked to Petrohawk last week and was advised

it was not  paying in sec 34 but irergular sec 3 -which I also have land in, but I

have not received any info from them.  Is there anywhere that a person can see a

map of an irregular section to find out just exactly where my land sits in a irregular

section or is it just a big mystery known only to O/G people?  Any input will be

greatly appreciated!

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Thank you Mr Peel for info and maps.  Guess this means my property not in the unit.

Maybe next time.  Does this well look like a good well?

It looks like a good, average Haynesville Shale horizontal well to me.

Mr Peel

I was told by Petrohawk in Mar this well 243449 was drilled north and I

would not be in unit. Yesterday I go a DO on this well.  That being said

I now have 2 questions and I would not trust their answers. Please help.

1. I own 2.19 (per my tax records) and in the 634.6266 acres they show

my decimal interest as 0.00087717  Is this correct do I figure the daily prodduction on sonris.

the DO has my tax ID nbr so I was not going to sign it, just mail it back.

Is the the best thing to do.  I appreciate any input you can give me.

James, if you have a quarter royalty, and it appears you do, I calculate your decimal interest as 0.0008627.  The difference likely comes from a unit survey that Petrohawk conducted and which showed your tract to be slightly larger than 2.19 acres.  SONRIS does not track daily production.  The state requires monthly reporting and production reports run a month behind.  You don't have to sign a DO but you do have to provide a W-9.

Thank you for info.  It helps me feel better about Petrohawk. The cover

letter with the DO said the first sales occurred Nov. 2011. Is this normal

'to take a year before they send out DO?  I am  under lease and just

hope it is a good well. Thanks again.

It's a little long but not by much.  And a moot point now that you are "in pay".  Future unit wells should be similar in productivity.  And hopefully will be drilled and produced when the price of natural gas is higher.  You have now joined the ranks of royalty recipients and can discuss "mail box money" with friends and neighbors.  Congratulations.


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