Eighteen Years Field Experience and Problem-Solving Working for All Texans
Nacogdoches, TX— 08/14/2023 — At his official campaign kickoff speech over the weekend, Jim Matlock announced that he would be running to become the next commissioner of Railroad Commission of Texas, against incumbent Christi Craddick in the 2024 Republican Primary on March 5, 2024.

“We need someone like Jim Matlock at the helm of the Texas Railroad Commission,” said Kurt Schwab, Congressional Candidate for Texas Congressional District 33.

Many Texans have already signed the petition and volunteered to work for the campaign to help get Jim Matlock elected to Railroad Commission of Texas. Cumulus Broadcasting/Westwood One, a news and marketing company, recently committed to helping Jim Matlock get elected to the Railroad Commission of Texas “I am going to help you win this campaign,” said Jonathan Silver, Senior Political Strategist, Cumulus Broadcasting/Westwood One. “You’re the right choice for the future of
Railroad Commission of Texas.

The Railroad Commission of Texas is the regulatory and oversight agency of the oil and gas industry, pipeline construction and maintenance, and coal mine operations including reclamation
projects. Jim Matlock is committed to keeping Texas as the number one oil and gas producer in the country. Jim says, “Railroad Commission of Texas is not doing enough to protect individual property and mineral owner’s rights in the State of Texas.” He went on to say, “The Railroad
Commission should take the lead to working with PUC Tx, and TCEQ on projects that would:

  • Protect our ground and surface water.
  • Reduce flare and vent gas emissions while strengthening and securing our energy grid.
  • Work with small operators to reduce the paperwork burden through a more streamlined Commission.
  • Work with municipalities and Co-Op’s to better equip their teams in working with the commission on the local natural gas distribution systems.
  • Promoting alternative energy sources.
  • Find ways to remove the 8,000 plus orphaned wells from the state’s liability.

To find out why so many people are getting behind Jim Matlock, visit https://matlock4rrc.com and volunteer to help spread the message Jim is trying to get out there.

Born in 1972, Jim Matlock was raised in east Texas, where he was taught family values and how to help protect the interests of small farmers and ranchers. Jim worked on dairy farms from the age of nine, started and maintained a small herd of cows of his own at age 15, and worked in the hot and dusty east Texas hayfields at age 14. Jim was very active in the FFA, and agriculture programs in high school. After graduating high school, Jim carried the same local mentality to the United States Marine Corps where he took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He says Constitution is what protects the rights of individuals across this great country. While in the Marine Corps, Jim was attached to Marine Corps Security Forces Company. Jim’s unit worked closely with special forces units such as the Navy Seals, providing security for special assets and important dignitaries worldwide.

After being medically discharged from the Marine Corps in 1995, Jim began a career as an over the road truck driver. In 2005, Jim entered the Oil and Gas Industry with no experience and was promoted to shift supervisor within three weeks. Jim Matlock has held a wide range of
positions within the industry; from truck driver to landman, from dispatcher to yard manager and for the past five years, he has been an independent consultant for new start up companies within the oil and gas industry. Jim’s mission is to reduce the amount of waste through recycling and repurposing, improve efficiency within the Commission and industry alike, while reducing or eliminating the environmental impacts. Part of his goals include ramping up production and keeping the Federal Government and the Federal EPA as far removed from the Texas energy
sector as possible. Jim wants to give every Texan a voice in Austin about energy production and prices to consumers.

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