Officials Suggest Gas Drilling Technique is Safe, Then Acknowledge Lack of Evidence

NY State Admits Ignoring Threat to City’s Drinking Water

Well Duh! Like I said: If hydraulic fracturing is so damn safe, why does Big ...
In two documents released last October and earlier this month, the Department of Environmental Conservation declared that it “does not…find a significant environmental impact associated with [hydraulic fracturing], which has been in use in New York State for at least 50 years.” Yet when EWG sent a FOIL request asking the DEC to disclose details of tests of surface and underground waters for contamination by hydraulic fracturing chemicals, department officials responded that “the division of Mineral Resources does not maintain any records which are responsive to your request.” EWG senior analyst Dusty Horwitt placed a follow-up telephone call to a state official, who confirmed that the state had done no testing and had no test results.

“The Department of Environmental Conservation violates the public’s trust when it says that hydrofracing is safe for the environment,” Horwitt said. “New York’s taxpayers and property owners have a right to know exactly what happens when tons of water laced with carcinogens and other toxics are blasted into the earth near their water supplies. Whether out of ignorance or deceit, the DEC’s policy amounts to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’.”
How could it be safe to pump these chemicals into the ground with the possibility that they could find their way into our drinking water.
EWG recommends that New York state authorities reject applications for hydrofracing permits until natural gas companies have publicly disclosed the chemicals they plan to use and until the state has conducted tests on whether past instances of hydraulic fracturing have contaminated New York water supplies. The state should also obtain reliable tests from hydrofracing operations similar to those contemplated for New York, to determine whether those operations contaminated water supplies.
H.R. 7231 will reinstate basic federal standards for hydraulic frac.... Please contact your representatives and ask that they support this bill!

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Comment by TXsharon on February 26, 2009 at 11:50am
Here is a link to best practices. Anything other than this is pretty much dirty drilling. I have hundreds of pictures and videos as examples of dirty drilling.
Comment by Checkmateking on February 26, 2009 at 10:18am
In what way do you define dirty drilling?
Comment by TXsharon on February 24, 2009 at 4:48pm
Again, I am sorry if you don't approve of me. I do not profit from anything that I put on the internet anywhere. I am not in the industry. I do not profit from providing information other than the benefit of cleaner air and water for everyone. I do not profit from any attempts to suppress information.

I am and always have been a person who sees the larger picture and is altruistic.

I have repeatedly stated that I am not against drilling, only DIRTY DRILLING of which I have seen plenty. Still, you do not respond to this problem or acknowledge it but instead call me closed minded and try to marginalize me by suggesting that I am a stalker who "boils rabbits."

If I were only concerned about a hit counter, which does absolutely nothing for me since I have rejected all attempts to lure me into advertising, I wouldn't upload my videos here. instead I would advertise them.

It is obvious that you do not welcome me here on this site that has to do with a shale area that is in my state. It seems that you are bothered more than is normal about my presence on this site. You are entitled to you opinion. Please excuse me for ignoring it. You probably should just ignore me.
Comment by Dion Warr, CPL on February 24, 2009 at 4:26pm
TX Sharon:

"Some of us" includes me, and other people ('regulars') that you have run into on the forum who have been witness to others showing up on GHS and posting merely to direct or redirect attention back to their corner of the WWW for self-promotion or profit. More than one person has been thrown off of this site for solicitation without being a sponsor.

Apparently you've had to face some crap over there in Wise Co. that has made you defensive about anyone who raises more than a peep in opposition to your points. As far as I know, the death threats and intimidation stop here on GHS. We've got a pretty good thing going here, of which I am proud to be a member. There is everyone here from O&G people (ie., landmen, like me, and other O&G folk) to people who couldn't trust O&G people as far as they could throw them, and we all manage to get along. Rows start here every now and again when someone is not being respected, or someone sniffs BS, or someone starts talking at people rather than to them or with them. IMO, you have been guilty of the last one, particularly with Les B. It was very much apparent to me that you weren't even paying attention to what he was saying other than you mentally classifying it as pro O&G rhetoric. Those of us who have interacted with him know that he is a respectful, thoughtful and highly educated person, and your attempts to blow past him or write him off made you seem like an anti-O&G environmental zealot. And the fact that both Snake Stewart and I both pegged your style similarly (Snake, BTW, might have a good regard for me but I think still he (at least halfwise) looks as some of my posts as coming from a 'stinkin lanmans', and is very pro-landowner) says a lot about how you come across here.

KB has pointed out some of the animosity that has been shown here, and I think the source of the animosity on my end is that you (at least seem to) come here with an open mouth and a closed mind, and I find it hard to accept in a forum which has such great debate. She and I have gone round and round on some points here, but I know she's listening, and she's reading, and she's gonna come back with some nugget for me to think about. IMO you're not reading anything that doesn't support your POV, you're not pondering anything outside of your core message, and you're rejecting anything from anyone that you think may have a connection with O&G (aka 'the enemy'), ad hominem. Also, your attempts to run behind the status of 'just a working single mother who doesn't have all the answers' when the questions get tough doesn't jive with the blogbuilder of the txsharon.blogspot with such copious amounts of information and links.

As far as not being the blog police, I am not, however, I have had a talk or two with the sheriff, being a 'landman about town'. I don't think that I am too far afield when I state that I believe his wishes are to build up GHS into the premier site for information, communication, and debate about the HS play, and not have it being used as a waystop to TX Sharon's blogspot/hit counter/IP tracker.
Comment by TXsharon on February 24, 2009 at 11:10am
I'm so sorry you were irritated by the bold. It was unintentional. I only meant to bold the word HERE and, unfortunately, there is no way to correct a comment on these blogs. You know how technology is.

Again, you are not the blog police here. Who, exactly, are the "some of us" of which you speak? That sounds like back in middle school: "Everyone thinks, (insert some derogatory adjective)." That kind of sophomoric stuff does not intimidate me.

I think your efforts to make me seem like a lunatic, when all I want is for oil and gas to clean up their act, will backfire on you.
Comment by Dion Warr, CPL on February 24, 2009 at 11:01am
Nice use of bold, Sharon... Do you speak like this in person, too? Talk about overreaction to criticism. Next you'll say that you will not be ignored, here, and start sending out boiled bunny rabbits...

The point is, you already have a blog. Please don't use GHS like a copy machine. It disrespects this forum when you continually redirect everyone to yours. I believe that you can post whatever you like. Cite whatever sources that you wish. When every link is a 'click-through' to your blog, it borders on self-promotion without paying for it.

You were doing this so well (pasting links directly to your sources instead of your blog) before. By the looks of the above (with respect to linking to TEDX and Govtrack), you are more than capable of doing so. Forgive me if some of us don't believe the excuse that the only reason that you link to your original blogspot is because it's just convenient for you do so.
Comment by TXsharon on February 24, 2009 at 8:35am
Checkmateking, if you work in the oil field, you do have a dangerous job. I would like to see it become less dangerous for your sake and ours by having the producers stop using dirty drilling practices. In my area, they report every single accident where a drunk drives his motorcycle into a tree but they never, ever make a peep about drilling accidents. A guy got hit in the face with drilling pipe on a site very near my house. He had to be careflighted out but there was never a peep in the news about what happened to him. That's just wrong! By keeping a lid on the accident reports, the industry perpetuates the danger involved in the job.

Everything in the blog post is substantiated, which is the exact point of the information there. It was substantiated with freedom of information requests.

Good luck to you and please be careful!
Comment by Bacon on February 24, 2009 at 8:13am
Wow! Pro oil lobby is out in force. Keep up the good work TXSharon.
Comment by Checkmateking on February 23, 2009 at 11:26pm
Give us a break, this is the kind of unsubstantiated reporting that gives drilling a bad name. The oil and gas industry is not a game, just like any other industry, construction, electrical, nuclear, commercial fishing, etc. Work like this is dangerous, it always has been and it always will be.
Comment by TXsharon on February 23, 2009 at 9:06pm
Whoa! You seriously don’t want me to provide any information here! Do you own this site? Are you the blog rule-maker? No? Then, ahum…no, I won’t quit posting information or links. See, I have a whole lot of information on my blog and it’s just really convenient for me to find that information and add a link to back up what I say. However, I don’t only link to my blog, I link to many different sources.

Here ya go! Here’s a link to Dr. Theo Colborn’s site: The Endocrine Disruption Exchange. Why don’t you click on over there and see what she has to say about hydraulic fracturing chemicals.

There are actually 1000s of documented cases of water pollution caused by hydraulic fracturing and other drilling activities, but the industry with the deepest pockets ever makes the burden of proof awfully hard. Just like Big Tobacco (I know you hate it when I make that correlation) saying over and over that there is no proof that smoking causes cancer, Big Oil says there is no proof that…well, I’m sure you can see where I’m going. Thank You for Smoking is a great movie. You should see it sometime.

When those families’ wells where suddenly poisoned with toluene and their goats died in Hill County, Texas, Williams Energy said that they would have them tied up in court for the rest of their lives so they would never prove anything. Those folks were just ordinary people without deep pockets ,and since people haven’t figured out how to live without water yet, now they are paying for their places with the poisoned water wells and another place to live with water. Makes it pretty easy for the industry to get away with murder, ya know?

H.R. 7231 is a good and necessary bill. What’s the big deal? All I want is for oil & gas to clean up their act! What’s so hard about that?

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