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Good morning Shalers,

Today, I’m excited to announce a first for—we’ve formed a partnership with Wright Water Resources, a new technology company focused on helping landowners bring their water to market. Using the latest technologies in mapping and 3D modeling, Wright Water is building the most comprehensive and real-time information on surface water ever available. As you may know, water is an essential input in the hydraulic fracturing process of shale-gas extraction.

What that means for some Shalers is that your backyard farm pond may have significant value in gas drilling activities. Some landowners with ponds are earning tens of thousands of dollars by selling their water. The Wright Water Network was created to make sure landowners with surface water available for sale have had their ponds properly mapped and their volumes calculated in real time so that drillers can efficiently develop the play.

I am excited for this partnership for two reasons. One, this partnership fits perfectly within the goals of GHS. This site is about providing its members knowledge and opportunities. We all want to take advantage of the opportunities that shale gas presents, and right now many landowners are missing out on the opportunities locked in their water resources. Likewise, drillers are being hamstrung in frac’ing operations for lack of water. Partnering with Wright Water will help GHS help you by sharing its expertise on GHS and providing the tools to make sure you don’t miss out on potential water buys.

I am also thrilled because the founder of Wright Water is my brother-in-law, Benjamin Hall, a Sabine Parish landowner with a technology consulting background. Ben has been a part of GHS since its inception. Back in 2008, we were sitting at the dining room table discussing a problem—we knew little-to-nothing regarding the leasing activities in the Haynesville and we wanted to connect with other landowners. From that brain-storming session, the seed that would become GHS was established. Now, we are 15,100+ members strong!

If you’re a landowner with a pond, I encourage you to register your pond or water project with the Wright Water network—it’s completely free to landowners.

If you want to register now CLICK HERE, or, if you’re looking for more information about Wright Water Resources, you can visit their website at



Ben Hall


Keith Mauck

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Comment by Keith Mauck (Site Publisher) on February 3, 2011 at 8:39
Nobody reads these blogs unless I make them. Lol. Thanks, we've had a lot of interest so we will see!
Comment by sesport on January 29, 2011 at 8:53
Four days after posting and I'm the first to say Congratulations and Good Luck!!??  Sincerely.  80)

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