I have received two notices of CGG bankruptcy proceedings. I am not sure why.

   CGG Holdings has done business in Canada and the USA. under at least 18 DBAs.  My best guess as to why I'm included as a creditor is that two of the DBAs are  Seismic Company of America  and Geophysical Research Company, LLC.  The global parent for CGG Holdings, et. al is at Tour-Maine-Montparnasse 33, Avenue du Maine Paris Cedex 15, France. 

    Also CGG Holdings USA address is given as : 10300 Town Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77072.

   I have several Haynesville shale leases in Sabine parish. There was seismic research done on two of them. It may have been done by either of the two DBAs I mention. The work was done in 2011 or 2012.  I do not remember who performed the surveys.

    Can anyone provide any further information on CGGHoldings? Were/are they active in the Louisiana Haynesville shale ?


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  I should have done this first.  Did an internet search:   Note the vice chairman. 

"Compagnie Générale de Géophysique (CGG) is founded. 

 Marcel Champin becomes Chairman, with Conrad Schlumberger as Vice-Chairman.search. Company was founded in 1931:"

CGG shot the seismic. They have zero to do with operations or production.

Thanks Jay.  Now If I can figure out why I am on the creditor list!  I do remember that they paid a small per acre fee. 

I got the same notice this week, and could not recollect who that company was and why I was a creditor.  thanks for the info.

I called when I received the notice.  I was told anyone who ever had business with them received the notice.  Like many, they did seismic testing on some property I owed.  

Thanks SL.  Sounds as if they ran up quite a postage fee.


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