When the well cost forms disappeared from the SONRIS - Document Access Well Files, I started a search to find out why they were no longer available.  Although I found other search options covering the horizontal well severance tax exemption program, I couldn't find the original two page well cost forms.  So I did what I should have done in the first place, contact the SONRIS staff.  After explaining my problem, they did a little research and told me that the well cost forms were available through a different search,  Here is how to do it.

Go to SONRIS, Document Access.  In the search list on the left side of the page, select Application for Well Status Determination and enter the serial number of your well.  In that well file under the Category column, choose Horizontal Well.  This will pull up a copy of the well cost report that the operator must submit to qualify for their severance tax exemption. 

I have tested the search on a dozen or so wells and found only one missing the report.  I would appreciate if all interested members would look up their well.  If its not entered in the database, please let me know.


Compliments of the SONRIS staff, well costs have now been added to the Severance Tax Relief  Program search in SONRIS Data Access.  Use this link and keep in mind that the sequence is based on the Operator Code ID.  Some of the codes are numeric and some are alpha numeric.  Here is an example, at number 3312, far left column, are wells under the original Chesapeake ID (C084) and at 4441 are the wells under the current Chesapeake ID (C441).  If you scroll through it, you'll get the organization.


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Not working for me.

I just tried a test.  The serial number I input worked fine.  Got your pop up blocker off?

Did not work for me.  Is this something that an account is needed for?

If you are entering a serial number for a recently completed well, that may be the issue.  Try again.  Use this link to the Document Access portion of the database, click on Application for Well Status Determination and enter this serial number, 240700.  Let me know if that works.


When I click on Application for Well Status Determination it brings up boxes to the right of the screen

Category -  I typed in Horizontal Well

Date - I put in a range of 01/01/2017 - 02/07/2018

Well Serial Number - I put in 240700

Checked the box to Get Associated Documents

Clicked Search Button

Nothing happens except under the Criteria Heading Tab it puts in my search

SEARCH TERMS: RELATED DOCUMENTS >> CATEGORY >> Horizontal Well >> WELLSERIALNUMBER >> 240700 >> DATE >> 01/01/2017 To 02/07/2018

You are making a common mistake in database searches.  You do not have to fill in all the boxes.  Enter the well serial number and leave the other boxes blank.  See if that works.

No, same result all that was changed was under the Criteria Heading Tab it changed to:


See that red box icon left of  Horizontal well, click it.   The one under, Document.

Thanks it worked for this an one other well.  The problem was I had a pop-up blocker turned on.  Turned off the blocker and that screen came up so I could select documents.

You're welcome.  Glad we got that figured out.


Throwing in my two cents, the older wells which were filed under the older filing system would likely still be stored the "traditional way", versus the new filing procedure for more recent wells.  We see this when one looks for older well files in that such files were stored under "Well File Historic", where newer filings are now stored under the new filing structures (e.g., well permit and status reports, change of operator, UIC docs, etc. each filed under dated individual entries).

Dion, could be.  I ran through about a half dozen S/N I had on my desk, all older HA wells, when I first tried it.  They all returned a well cost. 


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