I have a friend who was driving south on Hwy 171 this morn and said all kinds of equipment, trucks, and even a car were coming out of this location early this morn. I can't find any new permit on SONRIS but that doesn't mean anything. We are hoping they are getting ready to drill. Anyone heard anything

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Kitty are you hearing anything about Sec 19 14/14 in Kickapoo I am hearing a lots of noise in that area is that a new well or anything you know

I am in and out of town so much but on last trip there we saw a rig lit up over off Long Road.  My friends saw lots of heavy equipment going into The Packert Well (section 7) so I am hoping GEPH is beginning to drill in the Holly Field. I haven't seen anything new on SONRIS though

Hello James , did you hear anything else about 19 14 n 14w?  I know they are doing some drilling in 25 14n 14w  and that is where section 19 the south corner touches the corner of 25 14n 14w so maybe they are working our section soon since they are drilling so near us. It sure would be a great thing if they would. I noticed from watching section maps that in each section that gep has they always drill 5 wheels and sometimes 6 rarely but looks like 5 is the new norm for the future to successfully drain the area, or at least for now. We have a fair amount of acres in section 19 14n 14w .   Maybe for everybody in that area there will be a blessing coming in the future. Our family owned land in that section for over 50 years years. Let me know if you hear please any noise coming from the section 19 well pad. Have a good day. 

Skip if you guys hear anything in 19  let us all know. You guys always are always on top of things. Thank you

if anybody hears anything about 19 give us a shout

I was thinking Sec 25 as well. Because I had not receive anything pretaing to 19. But kept hearing the neighborhood talk its in 19 they claim to have ask somebody but I don't think its in 19. But they are doing a lots of work over there and a ton of trucks are entering the same way they went to Sec 19 just west of Westwood Dr in Kickapoo. I really don't know but the noise is almost unbearable at times. I hope someone see this and can tell us more

Thank you sir for the information and if we hear anything we will post right away.

Take care and maybe soon something will happen.


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