Use the SONRIS link provided by Keith on the Help Center Main Page. Click on "Wells by Section - Township and Range". Leave the "Enter Section" window blank but input the Township and Range in the appropriate windows and click "Submit Query". You are now looking a list of all the wells ever drilled in this township organized by section. Note the column, "Total Depth". As you scroll down the list you will notice the HA wells for two reasons. 1) they are considerably deeper than the other wells listed, and 2) they are listed last as they are the most recent wells in each section. All the cells containing alpha numeric text in color will provide additional information when clicked on. Click on the Serial Number and spend some time reviewing the information contained in the well files. After you have spent some time exploring the well files, you may have some questions. You now have a forum to ask those questions or share the short cuts and explanations of the data available. By searching the database in this manner you see not only your section of interest but what is happening in the surrounding sections. I'll see if we can get Keith to post a township grid for us. Knowing how sections are numbered in a township grid will help you to search adjoining townships for development activity that has relevance for your mineral holdings. Good Luck.

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This is just the first example of why I like the "classroom" setting. I've never tried leaving the section blank. Between Professor Skip and Professor Les, there is no telling how much we will all learn. Thanks guys.
Very cool idea! I'm a SONRIS "intermediate" user but I do like to play around to see what I can find. I'll be checking back often to continue my education. Thatks Keith and Skip!
Geez Parker, we both sound like brown nosers. Oh wait,... I am. Anyway, I hope it helps at the end of the semester.
Big Daddy,

I love to learn new things. I know I must sound like a brown noser, but I just sincerely appreciate the information that is shared. It just blows me away when I consider how much money it would cost to learn this sort of information in any other type setting.

As a FYI, in the Sonris Lite Main Menu section, your Shalers (I hope I spelled that right) can look up contact information for most of the E & P companies doing business in LA. This info can be found in the Organizational Mailing Address List and Organization Information by Name hyperlinks.
Thanks, very helpful information. These shortcuts and pieces Sonris savy are greatly appreciated. Kind of like finding gold nuggets .gems of wisdom.
I friend sent me a note saying that they were having problems, so I started from the beginning.

1. Go to

2. Click on SONRIS Lite below the black heading on the far left that says Database Access.

3. Then you will see a category titled WELL INFORMATION (in blue).

4. The 18th item down will say Wells by Section, Township and Range, Click on it (5th from the bottom of this category).

5. Then follow Skips instructions, or you may want to just look up one well.

For instance, one of my favorite wells, The B&K 37, it is located in Section 37, Township 17 North, Range 13 West. You'll know you have the right well if it's serial number is 238527.

Enter 37 in the Section field
Enter 17N in the Township field
and Enter 13W in the Range field

Hope this helps.
Thanks Professor Parker!!

Ask and ye shall receive... Prof. Skip!
Thanks Professor Dion. guys are miles ahead of me but I'll catch

Any idea where I can go online and find a Map of union Parish that is broken into Sections?

Thanks Red
You can do this on sonris, with the "Interactive Maps," which can be found on the left-hand side of the web page under "GIS Access."

Another site, which is a bit easier to use is this:

Just make sure you have the PLSS box on the right-hand side checked.


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