The last 8 years have been quite a ride for the oil and gas industry and for our network. GoHaynesvilleShale, EagleFordForum and GoMarcellusShale have weathered all the ups and downs that have comes its way. I have spoken with enough people to know that the network has left its mark in the shale industry and has shaped the way shale plays were developed. 

Moving forward, I’m looking forward to the future role our network will play in the domestic oil and gas industry. The shale isn’t going anywhere and mineral ownership will only continue to grow.  We want to provide a useful and influential website that grows right along with it. It’s along these lines that we have been rethinking how we grow our community. Our conclusion is that now is a good time to change up our approach in order to have the widest reach and most affective platform possible.

The primary area in which we are upgrading is the software that we use to operate and manage the network. This will improve our server capacity and its reliability. You may have noticed, over the last several months, network sites have experienced an unacceptable amount of down time. This will change when we upgrade.

Along with better hosting services we will be migrating all 3 websites to one platform. The new platform will continue to have 3 distinct communities, but will operate under one new umbrella. So, in order to post in each of the 3 communities, only one account and one email/password will be needed. This will leverage our network in new and exciting ways!

I look forward to sharing more details with you later this week! Stay tuned.



Keith Mauck


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Thanks Keith,  I don't come here as often as I used to - or probably should. But GHS has been a terrific website to track the development of shale. You've gone a great job with it.

I'm still Hopeful About Natural Gas!


Us Louisiana ex-pats that still own land or minerals in NW La, really appreciate GHS, and hope to have it around for another 20 or so years.

Thanks, Keith, for all you do.


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