A 2.8 magnitude earthquake struck near Timpson around 1:30 p.m. Friday.

According to USGS, the earthquake had an epicenter about three miles southwest of Timpson and 22 miles northeast of Nacogdoches.

Residents in Garrison and Timpson reported feeling the tremors.

It is the sixth earthquake in the area in 2012.

Below are the previous earthquakes.

* May 10, 3.9-magnitude northwest of Timpson.

* May 17, 4.8-magnitude east/northeast of Tmpson.

* May 20, 2.7-magnitude south-southwest of Timpson.

* May 26, 2.5-magnitude southeast of Timpson.

* June 16, 2.1-magnitude south-southwest of Timpson.

* Dec. 7, 2.8-magnitude south-southwest of Timpson.

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dbob, I don't recall if the area has any history of earthquakes. I know people will rush to blame fracking, but what did the Indians experience who lived there for thousands of years?

The area I live in was thought to be "stable" back in the 1970's - despite centuries of Indian stories about earthquakes, volcanos and floods.  Now geology has confirmed the Indian legends and we are about 200 years overdue for another "big one".


There has been some general modern history west and south of Timpson, but to my knowledge nothing of interest.  I've dug on the previous quakes a bit -

Most are centered near a commercial injection well, with a  depth range that could be near the wells injection interval.  I think it reasonably likely its related to the SWD.  As regard to fracking proper - there haven't been any wells fracced near the epicenter in awhile.

thanks dbob,  I'd forgotten about the injection wells and speculations that the old water could be "lubricating" the plates in the earth? Is that accurate?

Wasn't Caddo Lake formed by an earthquake?   And isnt' there a fault line that runs from above Missouri down thru East Texas? 

Might as well blame the full moon as fracking..Earth Quakes have been around a lot longer then drilling of any kind.

The legend that Caddo Lake was formed by an earthquake has been around a long time and is associated with a legend passed down through the Caddo Indian tribe.  Most scholars believe that the lake pre-dates the New Madrid earthquake.  I tend to agree with my favorite Caddo Lake expert, Fred Dahmer.  Fred was a dedicated Caddo fan and his book, "Caddo Was ...A Short History of Caddo Lake" is a good read. Uncertain, TX is one of the most magical and peaceful spots along my pig trails.  Billy and Dottie Carter, along with their employees, are great hosts for those who might like to spend a little time in Uncertain.  For those unfamiliar with Uncertain, TX, I suggest you google it.

Some of the older trees in Caddo were in excess of 600 years old, so they certainly predate the most recent New Madrid Quake.  

There is the Talco Fault and a fault at Mt Enterprise.  That said, if there is enough interest here, I think I can probably get the approximate location of each of the recent Timpson Earthquakes as well as the location of the injection wells I'm referring to.   Please respond if you want me to dig that up.  

I'd be interested in the API # or coordinates of the SWD you are talking about so I can look it up.  

419 31083 EQX SWD #1

31.8829482, -94.4302612

That's my suspect

thanks for the link Skip. I spent many good times on caddo lake.

many of the scientists and historians from the 20th century liked to debunk the Indian legends in my area.  Now, research as shown they were here (west coast) about 15,000 years ago and did witness the great floods that shaped so much of the Northwest.

I'll look up his book and get it. I write these sorts of articles myself and I always like to support another community historian, even if he died in 2001.


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