Are we finally seeing the Austin Chalk activity we have been waiting for?

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Thanks for post Craig,  im very interested in all news coming out of Avoyelles parish.  This site is my only source as of now.  Hope things heat up by this summer as we are very encouraged with the depth they are willing to explore. shawn

Suggestion.  Considering that GHS is a unique information source, why not spread the word and recruit more members.  The more input, the better.  Tell your neighbors.  Tell the local paper or radio station that there are substantive discussions going on that may be of value to their audience.  And may help them to cover the emerging AC play.  Knowledge is power.  And mineral/land owners deserve all the help they can get in making informed decisions that are important to their and their family's future well being.

Thanks Skip, will make some contacts in Ville Platte, La. and Opelousas as both areas have alot of rumors floating of things picking up around here.  

Thanks.  No telling where significant info may come from.  Or who it might help.

Great suggestions Skip. The more information that is shared on this site, the better off the mineral owners are. Because basically we are all in this together. I have not been approached for a lease yet, but I think that there are still lots of companies that are leasing at this point.   Maybe not leasing yet is a good thing.  Got my fingers crossed for some good wells to come in.   But Information is tight at this point and this is basically all we have. 

Great suggestion. I wasable to guide people to get the information out about the Lower Wolfcamp here in the Permian on another shale site by taking the boots on the ground approach. Those of you in the area tell us what you see, this information is valuable to mineral owners. Do you see seismic crews, pipelines being surveyed, holding tanks being built. Franc ponds being built. Sand transfer stations being built. Salt water disposal wells being permitted. My saying was follow the dust and the money. In your case it might be follow the mud and the money. How many white trucks with plates from other states are showing up at your local diner? This stuff adds up after a while!! Tell us what you see and hear some of it will be rumors but a lot of it will be helpful.

Spoke to senior field operator for hilcorp in ville platte field yesterday.  they are drilling shallow directional wells in wilcox play only.  they aren't pursuing AC/TMS at all.  However, they are hearing crazy rumors on the number of wells Petroquest may be drilling just east of I-49 and south of Bunkie.   Good news for those people in the area. hope they are successful and stimulate some leasing and exploration our way.. 

Thanks Hydrocarbonite! That is the kind of stuff I am talking about even if it is just a rumor those of us east of 49 and south of Bunkie just got a heads up. Keep it coming 

How could this benefit landowners currently under lease by exploration companies other than Petroquest?

The level of cooperation among operating companies in an evolving play has seemingly increased in the last decade.  While leasing is ongoing, there may be stiff competition but once drilling programs are well underway there is often a good bit of sharing of data and well/completion design.  At least there have been instances of cooperation in the not too distant past.

Just read post on Rapides parish group about old well site just north of Cheneyville.  Again, good news for all of us as we were approached for leasing back in late 90s when cheneyville area was Hot.... 


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