Just checked out the CNGNOW.COM website.... After seeing Mc Clendon on TV!

Help secure financial incentives for:
Automakers to build CNG vehicles
Americans to buy CNG vehicles
Americans to convert vehicles to CNG
Fuel retailers to sell CNG
Homeowners to buy CNG home refueling units

Well, I guess we know how he plans to market the natural gas....he supports Boone Pickens and I believe the numbers he quoted for 10% of vehicles going CNG would save 50 billion a year (take that and times it up for a larger percentages and you get the picture in years to come.

I think it would only take 2 years to get the 50 billion in savings, in 4 years we could have 30% (= to 150 billion saved = 15 months in Iraq spending 10 billion a month)

What do you guys think of the website?
Did anyone see the commercial?

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I think we have to start somewhere and CNG must be marketed.

I wrote my representatives and senators; have you?
I was excited to see the commericals - saw them on FoxNews. It's good to see b/c, Lord willing, all of us landowners would benefit from the switch to CNG as more folks consider this as an option, a patriotic one at that, I might ad. American natural gas! "Made in America"!!!
CNG is the way to go but don't get your hopes up, to many politicans are making money off oil.
Anyway the country will soon be broke and will probably be put on Ebay for sale.

Thanks American Voters for your GREAT choice in leaders.
MOVE TO EUROPE! They've got great leaders over there
Only problem... there is no-where to go over there... the bailout is going to cover sov funds overseas (in the current draft's language) and everyone is looking pretty stupid right now b/c they believed our credit was sound and our products quality.

I say we stick it out and figure out a better way to run industry... FDR had the national parks and wildlife, forestry, etc. to employ, house and feed people when 1933 came around. Hopefully, they will jump on the alt energy and natural gas conversion phenom very soon!
It's sad we don't hear any of the candidates mentioning TB Picken's plan.
Politicans aren't going to jump on the CNG wagon until someone puts LOTS of money in their pockets.
Why walk (CNG) when you can fly (OIL)?
It's all about money. Money for them,not saving money for you.
Well, you'd think Texas and Louisiana politicians would jump on it. The far-left is still not serious about drilling it appears, except when it may cost them a seat in D.C.
Here's a few sites that show where our next energy will come from and NG is the source of the hydrogen as of right now. I noticed T-Boone's now mentioning hydrogen in his latest commercial. This is all Honda but Toyota and GM are ready as well.

The website has alot of window dressing but not alot of teeth. If they were really serious and wanted to have a real effect, they would put more money into a grassroots effort...more like Picken's. he says he is for Pickens so mayber they think that is enought. But the problem with Picken's is that it is dominated by enviros who are obsessed with the wind power component of his plan.
As I understand his plan he says that 50% of his solution and 50% is wind. When you go on his site, 95% of the focus seems to be on Wind.
And as wind is not consistent, we could be in trouble w/o that CNG/LNG powered electricity when the wind slows down... it seems like everyone is trying to make their plans more green and renewable, so he might be down-playing the natural gas.

As we have no control over what source actually powers homes in Texas, you can choose green electricity by purchasing from companies like Green Mountain that spend their profits reinforcing wind power infrastructure. I think I pay about 17 or 18 cents a KwH.


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