What area is considered the most "hot" spot? I had heard Benton, Bossier (the obvious is Haynesville).

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Really? What about Benton has been a hot spot lately? I would sure be glad if this was the case!

I think that you have to consider Petrohawk's recent monster well in south Bossier as the main hot spot right now.
My aunt lives in Benton and she got offered $5000.00 from Twin Cities!!!
The "hotspots" right now seem to be southern Caddo, northern DeSoto, and southern Bossier. Strangely, the town of Haynesville is not in the hot zone at the moment (it wasn't even included in the early maps). I'm not sure why the named the shale after it.
north Bossier is also in the running. I have family there that have had an offer from Twin cities.

My leasing negotiations DON'T REFLECT this info. I have set the bar at 30/30 and I won't sign for less...big talk I know...(I could get pooled!) Ha Ha.

Thanks again for all you do for fellow "shalers." Can't say it enough!

Haynesville Shale has nothing to do with Haynesville,LA.
Wouldn't be a terrible time for a swim would it ( LOL ) !
What is 30/30??? and where do you think the hot spot is?
WE ALL LIVE IN THE "HOT SPOT." My apology for sounding short.

30K/per acre bonus and 30% royalty, 3 year lease with drilling.

A 5 year lease (3 primary, 2 extension) will cost more.

And, I will NOT be giving away any %ages.
Yeah wish I had of waited!!! Not signed yet but have a 1%er waiting!!! IF THAT'S ALL IT AMOUNTS TO....... And yes yes yes to higher royalties !!!
OK I am a newbe. What does "I will nOT be giving away 96ages" mean?
CK Russell,

I will NOT be signing away a percentage (%age) of Bonus moneys or royalty moneys to a 3rd party negotiator, i.e. lawyer, landman, HOA, etc.


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