There is a large emerging coalition forming in the Haughton area, The EAST 80 OIL AND GAS COALITION. Anyone with small or large acres of land from where 220 intersects with Hwy 80 at La Downs all the way East to Hwy 157 who is searching for a group to join should visit the website ( KEEP YOUR FULL BONUS AND ROYALTIES $$$$$$

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I just joined E80, 1) because we are very concerned about the environmental impact and the about the money. I need $$ just as much as anyone, but I don't want the same to happen as DeSoto, burned wells not capped or removed, ruts in roads, etc. The O&G company is taking their time, you know why? These clauses were not in their contract. E80 has a comprehensive list of safeguards before we sign. I do wish that everyone would unite. I believe we as citizens have the same concerns about our property and community just as much as we want the best $$ outcome.
Go to and call the head coordinator.
I'm in. Unsigned Dogwood property owners, take notice. We're welcome in this coalition, check it out.
Apologies, didn't read rest of your input. Thanks GA
I think this is awesome! I hope you are able to hold the group together to accomplish your goals. You area right, the money is important but protecting the environment and your land/rights is more important. It is great when there is leadership who has the time, energy, funds and inclination to do this on such a large scale. Good luck and God bless!
You can learn much also from this TX group of neighborhoods who worked together for five months and agreed to sign with CHK for $23,500/25%. TCB DS3
I am in east 80 and they are working very hard to get us the best price with the lowest possible environmental concerns. Everyone needs to unite!!

The guys that have put this together are working very hard with no pay, I am so appreciative! thanks guys!
This entire Haynesville Shale play has been quite a traumatic experience so far. No one likes to feel taken advantage of or cheated so the mad scramble to get as much information as possible can certainly be overwhelming.

I did not see anyone uniting along Hwy 80 and certainly did not want the same deal as what I heard Dogwood had received. I found myself uniting hastily with the first and only group that I came in contact with in this area. I was not happy with the cost of belonging to this group but felt I had no options.

Now, along comes the East 80 Coalition, no required portion of my bonus or royalty percentages. Plus, after an hour discussion with the main coordinator, Eric, and numerous questions answered, I found myself actually fired up about the whole situation. The Group seems to be genuinely concerned about keeping everyone in the loop and are demonstrating plenty of energy to get the job done.

Needless to say, I quickly typed a withdrawal memo to my initial group and in the same day signed on with the East 80 Coalition.

I finally feel like I have for once made a good, educated, patient, well thought out, and rational decision. Go figure!!
Mention of us80 oil and gas coalition on the Shreveport Times website. Seems tobe having problems getting traction though.
Considering the size of the group and the short time frame it was cranked up, I am extremely pleased with activity going on behind the scenes. The large number of people in this area signing up daily and the lack of viable places to meet are certainly putting a damper on many groups around town.
If you can't find a building to hold this meeting in, we can show up at a public park or a little league field with lawn chairs and a portable PA system or something of that nature used outdoors, weather permitting.
These are the main reasons from LLC advisors.

"4 Reasons to Incorporate your Nonprofit Association:

1. Nonprofit Corporations enjoy an exemption from corporate income taxes on profits from activities related to their purpose.
2. Qualifying for a tax exemption is harder for associations than for corporations. Without tax-exempt status, your group is unlikely to qualify for many public and private grants.
3. Donors can deduct gifts to your group on their federal and state tax income returns once your organization becomes a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation.
4. Members and directors of nonprofit corporations are generally protected from personal liability, meaning that their own money, houses, and cars aren't at risk. That's not true for an unincorporated association. "


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