does anyone out there know if there is a book, register, ledger, web-site, or any other place where you can look up and find out without a doubt who owns the mineral rights to a particular peice of property. I have done quite a bit of research , and I still don't know with absolute certainty who owns the mineral rights on my property. Is there anywhere that the owner of the mineral rights on any property has to register, so there is not any doubt who has the mineral rights to a property? Is there a state register, a parish register, or any register? How do the oil and gas companies know who has the mineral rights, Is this just a guessing game, or is there some place where it is recorded? I have deeds, titles, and cash deed sales going back to 1967, and I still do not know with any certainty who, if anybody has the mineral rights. Any help will be greatly appreciated///... Thanks in advance, I feel there are quite a few people out the who are wondering the same thing, so If you can be of any help, Please do so.......

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The answer to your question lies in production. Is there production in your section? No production, deeds back to 1967 then surface owner owns the minerals.



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