Cedar Grove: Exploration Company Hurries to Get Property Owners to Sign


Just read this on KTBS - I hope Cedar Grove residents don't fall for these tactics.

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It is wrong to target Cedar Grove with those tactics and they know it. And your right KB, it will be very interesting to see if the City of Shreveport will stand up for it's citizens.
Yout right KB in everything you have said. I betcha when Earl get's done with his morning coffee and reads this KTBS article he will have a fit. Earl doesn't take it very well when he sees O&G'S doing this kinds of things to people at a disadvantage.
You hit the nail on the head. Earl is one of a kind, he does his own thing believe me.
This is exactly the kind of doing things along socioeconomic lines that got me started getting thngs publicized in the first place! These people should be getting at least $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 an acre and 25% royalties. This hurry up or miss out tactic is such a bullying maneuver and they know the people in Cedar Grove need money so many will take it. I do know from a reliable source that some companies have done even worse things in Cedar Grove and MLK areas. They went door to door and said if you sign right now you will get $500.00 but if you don't sign now you will not get anything. I would bet my last dollar the leases they are getting these people to sign have zero environmental and quility of life or land owner protections in them. I wonder how long the leases are for? In South Shreveport they went around getting people to sign 10 year leases for $3,000.00 and 25% not to long ago. Now in Cedar Grove and MLK $1,000.00 and 22% is the highest amount offered?!? That my friends is racial or at best socioeconomic profiling and is downright shameful if not criminal!
As to the city, Shreveport has already done more than any other municipality in a shale play. I think Cedric Glover is on his way to Detroit next week to try to get GM to stay here so I doubt he has time to step in but I wil Email Gwin Campbell and Tom Dark although they probably already know if it was on the news.
Anyone care to help put some educational flyers out in Cedar Grove and MLK if I print them up? If Nothing else we could get the local stores to put them up in their windows and put them in the local barber and beauty shops. At least that would inform some home owners and maybe spur them to start uniting the area.
...."At least that would inform some home owners and maybe spur them to start uniting the area." .... Kassi ....

Kassi , I would like to introduce the word Co-Op to you and the members of the Go Haynesville Shale .... there are so many options in controlling ones destiny's and what is best for the children .... and those communities

as a Coop I suggest to set up Tax-Free shelters and establish a share stock holding .... as a group they can decide their future/fate .... Shreveport tossed a bone out there for it's community to go crazy about , something along the line of a "shark-feeding-frenzy" , w/o supervision .... a moderator /atty must be present for both parties as in open forum .... If all else fails , there is always Injunctive relieve at the local,state, and federal level.... here is the downfall of that process [YEARS] .... there will be no current winners .... The point of signing is simple ["THEY"] are mapping a route to move the gas .... There is no current plausible route to move ["YOUR NATURAL GAS"] , Eastward and NORTHWARD except the City of Shreveport and Bossier City .... and they have other plans $$$$
Dollar bill for a donut Kassi .... that those communities CG & MLK hinder an easy access route .... my first best guess is this .... any property north will be hindered at the Arkansas's hill country .... reason being is simple [Hill Country] .... that forces the shale southward and eastward .... as well as the depth of gas and oil .... this territory is "RIPE" for the pickings ...KWIM ....

Here is what I see .... Where there is Gas there is Oil .... What is below the ground there is just as much above ground.... here comes Shreveport City Council , .... Shreveport tossed a bone that was tossed at them .... and from City Council to its communities .... alternative solutions are not on the agenda table unless you take them there .... "arbitration" , Co-Op are key
A couple of week ago I posted and ask if anyone knew of this company and no one answered. I guess we just found out.
I don't know if this is true, but this was on the comment section on the ktbs.com/news. The people may be getting more than $1000.00

Posted by cajunflyerAugust 10, 2008 4:03:18 AM CDT
DIDYOUKNOW you are very wrong. If it cost 5 million to drill this well and u are a partner in this well u have to wait until the well make a profit before u get anything and it could take ten years. If the well goes bad u still have to pay your share.The only way being a Partner is profitable is if you have alot of land.Futhermore,these people are not signing for $1000 they are getting a $1000 bonus signing for $20,000 an acre making there it 21,000 for the 3 year lease and 20,000 per acre for the every 3 year lease after that.
Given that the average city lot is around 1/8 to 1/9 of an acre they would be getting $2,200.00-$2,500.00 sign on bonus if it was based on acreage. There is also the matter of the 22% vs 25% that others are getting. Big difference over the life of the play. The other thing is the lease itself. If it is the standard lease it has no environmental or quality of life clauses such as noise abatement, safety, routes for vehicle over 3 tons, hours of operation, distance for drill sites from enhabited dwellings, etc. Not giving people adequate time to learn and decide what is important for them to allow drilling in their neighborhood is not right.
Their neighborhood association typically does. The difference is the people in the Ellerbe road area have access to neighborhood associations with highly educated people in them. The people in MLK and Cedar grove do not have access to attorneys as neighbors and such. I would be happy to email you an educational flier to put out in the Ellerbe road area to inform people there. I just think the urgency in educating folks goes to the less fortunate first.
I agree that some people just want what they can get today. I also know that I am always shocked at the number of people who have no clue what is going on or what they need to know when I give inservices at the request of various groups. Sometimes people just need someinformation and have not had the means to get it. Sometimes people get information and make unwise decisions anyway. For me, sleep at night if I know I could have made a difference by taking a little time, ink and paper and putting information out there in strategic locations. At least then more people are informed and it is up to them from there.
An Educational flier does not have to be elaborate to get people talking for example:

Mineral lease offers in Caddo and Desoto Parish are currently at $8,000.00 to $20,000.00 with 25% royalties. Offers in the Cedar Grove and MLK areas are @ $500.00-$1,000.00 with 22% royalties. Why the difference?
1.Organization: Collective bargaining = bargaining power.
2.Patience: You have to be willing to wait for a good offer and stick together.
3.Education: you need education about mineral leasing & gas drilling in order to make wise decisions when leasing minerals.

Homeowners in Cedar Grove and Martin Luther King Neighborhoods DON’T LET THESE COMPANIES TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU! Join together; tell these companies you will not be treated with less respect than their other business partners. This is a business deal that impacts your wallet and your quality of life for a long time. Don’t let them bully you before you become informed.

You should be getting 25% royalties. Your sign on bonus should be based on $20,000.00 per acre which means around $2,000.00 to $2,500.00 if your lot is 1/9-1/8 of an acre.

Your lease should have things in it that protect your environment like:

Require wells to be 600’ from buildings, solid masonry enclosures for high impact wells that are 8-10’ tall. Landscaping and irrigation, specific routs for vehicles weighing more than 3 tons, limit hours of operations to between 7am and 7pm, dust control for well roads among other requirements to minimize danger and intrusion into the lives of the neighborhood.

According to the Department of Energy environmentally responsible technologies include:
1.Directional drilling to reduce the number of drilling pads.
2.Use of natural gas-fired rigs to reduce air emissions.
3.Installation of water pipelines to eliminate truck traffic.
4.Deployment of mat systems on drilling pads to reduce surface impact.
5.Elimination of gas flaring during well tests and completions to reduce air emissions and noise.
6.Development of centralized fracturing and production facilities.
7.Partial site restoration during the production phase.
8.Low-impact road construction.
9.Recycling of produced water.

Go to the following web sites to learn more:
Shreveportshale.com: This is a site created by the City of Shreveport to educate citizens
Gohaynesvilleshale.com: This is a site full of information but on it by other land/home owners

If you do not have a computer then go to the library or seek out a neighbor who does.

If you do not have someone in your neighborhood who knows enough to represent the group in negotiating a lease then pitch in together and hire someone. Stay away from those who want 4% to 5% of your sign on bonus or part of your royalty to help you. You can protect your neighborhood and get a fair deal if you work together.

The oil and gas companies are not evil, they are just smart business people. You need to be smart in how you deal with them as a community in order to make this a good thing for them and you.

I saw a map of "A" bonus areas for CHK and MLK was one. Get in touch with the pastors of the churches, see if Southern University might get involved with some student volunteers. Many of these homeowners are elderly so check with Caddo Council of Aging, Meals on Wheels and also the Willis Knighton satellite office on Shreveport/Blanchard highway.


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